Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 release date, price, features, and news

It’s been a while since Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: more precisely, it's been a year and a half. The Active 2 was released in September of 2019. Last year, the company released the Galaxy Watch 3, and now it’s quite likely that we will be seeing the successor of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Offering a comfortable fit, reliable performance, and great screen, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was among the best smartwatches you could buy in 2019 if you didn’t want to buy an Apple Watch. Now, Apple has released the Apple Watch SE, an affordable Apple Watch, alongside its flagship Watch Series 6, so one might expect Samsung to retaliate with the Galaxy Watch Active 3 (if it was to launch it at the price that the Active 2 launched at, or more specifically, $280).

In this article, we will combine all the rumors about the Active 3, and our knowledge-based expectations about the yet-unannounced smartwatch. So, here's everything we know and expect so far from the Galaxy Watch Active 3.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 Release date

Here we go: rumors for the Galaxy Watch Active 3 and its release date are… well, not quite there yet. At least when we are talking about a precise release date, it is still unknown and unconfirmed. Samsung has been quite unpredictable in this regard recently. We can expect the Galaxy Watch Active 3 to be released somewhere in the first half of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 Price

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 had a starting price of $279.99 when it was released, so there’s no reason to expect the Active 3 to be less than that. Depending on what improvements Samsung has planned for the smartwatch, the price can even go higher than this, but most probably won't go very low, despite the company’s recent price cuts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 Specs and Design

If the Galaxy Watch Active 2’s design is anything to go by, and, by the way, some rumors claim that it is, we expect the Galaxy Watch Active 3’s design to be reminiscent of its predecessor. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 features a circular display, however, it does not feature a rotating bezel, whereas the Galaxy Watch 3 does.

The upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 3 will most likely come in two size variants: a 44mm one and a 40mm one, and will have two versions for the material: aluminum and stainless steel. The Galaxy Watch 3 has a variant made from the more expensive but durable titanium material; however, we don’t know if Samsung will go for titanium for the Active 3 as well. The Galaxy Watch 3 sports 8GB of storage, double from the Watch Active 2, so we can safely expect the same 8GB amount of storage to complement the Galaxy Watch Active 3’s spec-sheet.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 Features

There has been only one substantial leak regarding new features that we will see in Samsung smartwatches and it states that an upcoming smartwatch will sport a blood glucose monitoring feature, pretty much like a glucometer, and it will be beneficial to people with diabetes or other blood sugar-related conditions. However, it is unclear at the moment whether this feature will be available in the Galaxy Watch Active 3 or the Galaxy Watch 4, or maybe even both.

According to SamMobile, the Blood Glucose monitoring on the smartwatch could be powered by a new technology called Raman spectroscopy, which basically allows the watch to check blood sugar levels without having to prick the user’s finger or skin. The Raman spectroscopy sensor works based on lasers in order to identify chemical components.

Apart from that, little is known about the Active 3. Currently, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 sports an Always-on display, good accuracy in detecting the workout you are doing, heart rhythm monitoring, Sleep tracking, and Samsung Health.

The Galaxy Watch 3, on the other hand, features blood pressure monitoring as well, on top of the other health-related capabilities, and it is FDA-approved (although it needs to be calibrated every month with a dedicated BP monitoring device). And, blood oxygen monitoring is present on the Galaxy Watch 3 as well.

It may be reasonable to expect such health features will make their way into the Galaxy Watch Active 3, alongside the rumored blood sugar monitoring. Once new leaks or rumors show up about the features of the Galaxy Watch Active 3, we’ll make sure to include them here, so stay tuned!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 Battery life

At the moment, there are no concrete leaks about the battery life of the Active 3. Its predecessor boasts an almost-two-day battery life (we managed to get it to a comfortable day and a half on one charge, with Always-on, for more details check our Galaxy Watch Active 2 review). We would hope to see a bigger battery on the Active 3. Keep in mind that the most recent premium smartwatch from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 6, is also capable of going a day and a half. If the Active 3 gets a bigger battery from Samsung, it could easily take on the $399 Apple Watch 6, at least in terms of battery.

This article will be regularly updated when new leaks and rumors about the Galaxy Watch Active 3 surface, so make sure to check it again in a week or two if you’re interested in the Active 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 News

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