Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 release date, price, features and news

This article is updated regularly when new Galaxy Watch 4 leaks show up.

With rumors and leaks accumulating, we are starting to look forward to the release of the Galaxy Watch 4. According to the latest leaks, we will be seeing the new smartwatch by Samsung in August; so if you’re interested in buying one or just curious, here you can find everything we know until now.

Of course, as the Watch 4 isn’t announced yet, we have the info here based on reputable leaks, rumors, and estimations based on experience. As with anything that’s a leak, the closer we get to the release date of the Watch 4, the more probable the info in the leak will be.

And, with that being said, let’s jump straight into what we know and expect for the Galaxy Watch 4!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Release date

Currently, the latest leak about the Watch 4’s release date points us to the month of August. More specifically, we expect the new Samsung smartwatch to be announced alongside the exciting foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and possibly, the Galaxy Watch Active 4.

Of course, we can’t rule out an earlier announcement yet, for example, in July. As you can see, if the most recent leak about the Watch 4 release date is correct, that would mean Samsung is planning one really big Unpacked event with plenty of new products to come our way, so the company might decide to split product announcements.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Price

No major leaks about the Watch 4 price have surfaced as of yet; however, we do know that the Active 4 will most likely be positioned to rival the more affordable Apple Watch SE, while the Watch 4 is expected to be the premium smartwatch Samsung will release this year.

For a premium smartwatch, packed with new features and possibly a slight redesign, we can expect the price to be around $400, of course, depending on the size and case material. The Galaxy Watch 3 with a 41mm case currently boasts a retail price of $429.99, but its price is often slashed by generous Galaxy Watch 3 deals.

We expect pretty much the same situation with Watch 4. We can’t rule out surprises though, so for now, the best is to keep an open mind and wait for a price leak.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Specs and design

According to the latest leaks, Samsung seems to be planning a slight redesign to bring to the table with the Watch 4. As expected, there will be two sizes available; however, they will reportedly both be bigger than Watch 3’s. The Watch 4 is expected to come in 42mm and 46mm, slightly bigger than the 41mm and 45mm of its predecessor.

On top of that, a Korean news website claimed that the Watch 4 will have a display panel design change, reportedly, to house a bigger battery (although judging by recent leaks, that bigger battery will most likely not happen). But more on battery life later. It is unclear how this ‘panel design change’ will affect the overall look of the Watch 4. At this time, we don’t expect anything drastic.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features

The rumor that Samsung has decided to ditch Tizen and replace it with Wear OS has been confirmed: well, the situation is not what was initially believed:
We now know that Google and Samsung will be partnering each other on the creation of a new smartwatch OS, that will combine Tizen and WearOS features. This information was announced at Google I/O. The new operating system is expected to power the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 and most likely, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 as well.

Google has also stated that thanks to the two teams' collaboration efforts, apps will start up to 30% faster on the latest chipsets with smooth animations and motion. The new OS will also bring longer battery life to the table of improvements. And lastly, the new unified platform will facilitate developers in building of new apps for smartwatches.

Another important thing worth mentioning has also been circulating the internet for a while now. We are talking here about blood glucose monitoring, which we’ve been hearing will come to the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Apple Watch Series 7. Unfortunately though, it seems the blood sugar monitoring won't make it to the Watch 4 or the Series 7 this year.

In terms of features, we would expect to see the usual ECG and heart rate monitors on Watch 4. The Watch 3 features BP monitoring, which needs to be calibrated every month. On top of that, as the best smartwatches do, we expect the Watch 4 to come with a variety of fitness tracking features, customizable watch faces, and more useful and fun capabilities. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery life

Well, we already mentioned earlier the Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to brag with a larger body than its predecessor; however, recent reports state the battery in the smartwatch won't be a substantial upgrade over its predecessor. Well, not an upgrade in size, at least. A certification website recently revealed the smaller, 42mm one, will have the same battery as the Watch 3: a 240mAh cell.

However, this doesn't entirely mean the battery life won't see any improvement. It's possible the new OS to be better optimized and actually, it might help the battery life on the Watch 4.

The certification did not reveal the battery cell of the bigger, 46mm, Watch 4. For now, rumors believe it could house a 350mAh battery.

For reference, the Watch 3 battery is rated at 330mAh (the 45mm one), and the smaller one has a 240mAh battery. We tested the smaller one for our Galaxy Watch 3 review and it managed to give us a decent battery life, although not impressive. It lasted for a day with moderate to heavy usage, and lighter users could go for around two days on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 News

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