These four Galaxy Z Flip 3 colors are essentially confirmed

These four Galaxy Z Flip 3 colors are essentially confirmed
Samsung's upcoming clamshell Galaxy Z Flip 3 was earlier rumored to come in a total of eight colors and a reliable industry insider appears pretty confident about four of them.

Ice Universe is sure that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be available in Light Violet, Green, Beige, and Black. Interestingly, these color variants have also appeared in alleged leaked promo material.

The other four rumored hues are Gray, White, Dark Blue, and Pink. Color availability will presumably vary by country and the marketing names may differ.

Samsung's apparent intention to expand the color palette is all the more indication that it is betting big on the upcoming foldable lineup.

If you also count the expensive Thom Browne Edition, the original Z Flip was available in four shades. The Z Flip 5G that followed a little while later comes in three colors.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 to get better displays and processor and a lower price tag

In addition to allegedly adding splashy colors, Samsung has apparently made some moderate but impactful design changes too. Most noticeably, the rear cameras are now stacked horizontally, and the cover display has expanded from a paltry 1.1 inches to a more useful 1.83-inches. These changes make it appear as if the back has a two-tone design.
Other than that, the Z Flip 3 is also expected to have thinner bezels than its predecessor. The main 6.7-inches display will likely stay the same size and the device's weight will also remain the same.
Other notable rumored upgrades include a 120Hz refresh rate for the main screen and the Snapdragon 888 chipset. Despite these improvements, the Z Flip 3 is expected to be a lot more affordable than the Z Flip 5G. 

The Flip 5G was introduced for $1,449.99 and the price was later reduced to $1,199. Word on the grapevine is that the Flip 3 will be under $1,000, with the most recent reporting suggesting it will go for $959. That appears to be a great price for a foldable phone with high-end specs and this could make the new Flip 3 one of the best handsets of the year
The flip phone will allegedly be revealed in August alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy S21 FE.

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