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New report details Samsung's big plans to replace the Galaxy Note 21


For the first time in a long time, it feels pretty much impossible to predict Samsung's high-end smartphone release schedule for next year with a solid degree of precision. That's because the company is widely expected to unveil a new trio of Galaxy S-series flagships significantly earlier than usual, including an S Pen-wielding member foreshadowing the death of the Note family.

While it remains unclear if the world's largest handset vendor is still planning a Galaxy Note 21 swan song for 2021 or not, every reliable insider and trusted analyst under the sun seems to point to an increased focus on foldable devices being in the pipeline.

Samsung might essentially be preparing to replace the Galaxy Note lineup (either in 2021 or 2022) with an extended portfolio of foldable phones targeting different budgets and rocking at least two form factors. Although it's a little early to know for sure the names and specs of these versatile products slated for a commercial debut in the next 12 months, a new report out of Korea anticipates an exciting four-model 2021 roster.

Two Galaxy Z Fold 3 variants and two Galaxy Z Flip 2 models

Recent rumors about Samsung's foldable plans for next year have been a tad all over the place, intermittently calling for "affordable" Galaxy Z Fold Lite and Z Flip Lite versions to launch alongside the ultra-high-end Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 2.

Interestingly, the latest ET News report doesn't mention the word "lite" once, despite forecasting an avalanche of 2021 foldable devices. Confusingly enough, two of these are "tentatively" named Galaxy Z Fold 3, with the other two labeled Galaxy Z Flip 2 on the inside, according to the publication's generally trustworthy sources.

Perhaps even more confusingly, the report doesn't mention any prospective differences between the two Z Fold 3 models either, so we can't really be certain just yet that one of them will end up priced considerably lower than the other with Lite specifications in tow.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 is tipped to come in "high-end and general models", the latter of which could well go official under the aforementioned Galaxy Z Flip Lite (or Z Flip 2 Lite) moniker. Unsurprisingly, all four devices are expected to support 5G speeds as standard, so if Samsung plans to keep the prices of one or two of these phones in check, it will have to make other compromises and downgrades.

No movement on the foldable front until H2 2021

The main reason why many people think the Galaxy Note 21 is not happening has nothing to do with the S21 Ultra and its pretty much guaranteed native S Pen integration. Instead, Samsung might be eyeing second half releases for all four of these newly rumored foldable devices, in which case the Note 21 could simply be deemed not important enough for the company to waste time and resources on it.

Foldable designs remain a significantly more challenging and delicate task than conventional slabs of silicon, and believe it or not, Samsung could take on the daunting mission of manufacturing four of these tricky products at once starting in August 2021.


That means an official launch is then likely to take place in September, which just so happens to circle the traditional timeline of the Galaxy Note family. We can probably all agree five or six high-end phones announced simultaneously would be a bit much, but then again, stylus enthusiasts unable to afford the S21 Ultra or Z Fold 3 might appreciate the chance to buy a Note 21 this time next year.

One device that's almost definitely not coming in 2021 is Samsung's rookie "rollable" effort, which could feature a screen capable of "stretching upwards" and see daylight at some point in 2022.
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