The Motorola Razr 2 5G might end up dwarfing Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5G


While still undoubtedly rough around the edges and significantly trickier to produce in large numbers than their traditional forerunners and relatives, foldable mobile devices are slowly but steadily evolving on their clear path to the mainstream tech scene.

Unfortunately for Motorola, which was technically the world's first manufacturer to announce a nostalgia-inducing flip-style foldable smartphone, the company doesn't seem capable of keeping up with Samsung's development pace.

Not only has the original reborn Razr proven more fragile and far less impressive than the first-gen Galaxy Z Flip, but a 5G-enabled variant of the latter handset is already up for grabs while the Razr 2 5G continues to go through an especially uncertain development process.

Initially expected to materialize as early as next month, Motorola's sophomore foldable effort reportedly needs at least a few extra months of pre-release preparation. Bizarrely enough, the company may have yet to finalize the key specifications of the second-gen Razr, allegedly revising a list of features previously including a 6.2-inch display.

The new plan, according to supply chain analyst and increasingly prolific leaker Ross Young, is to jump from the 6.2-inch screen size of the first-gen Razr foldable all the way up to 6.85 inches. That would make this 5G-capable sequel larger than Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5G, which sports an already big and beautiful 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 2636 x 1080 pixels.

Of course, nothing's etched in stone just yet, with Young himself warning that Motorola could always change its mind... once again. In fact, the Razr 2 5G was rumored at one point to match the 6.7-inch main screen diagonal of the Z Flip and Z Flip 5G, so this might actually be the second time the company has revised its plans already.

If the latest speculation does end up panning out, that means the recently pictured and rendered prototype will probably be scrapped. Naturally, that could lead to an even longer delay than previously expected, although at least for the time being, the Motorola Razr 2 5G is still tipped for a Q1 2021 release.

It also remains to be seen if the rest of the specs and features rumored so far will stick, including an upper mid-range Snapdragon 765 processor, 8GB RAM count, 256GB storage space, single 48MP rear-facing camera, 20MP selfie shooter, a battery capacity of a little over 2,800mAh, and an unchanged 2.7-inch external display for notifications and quick app interactions.
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