Latest Motorola Razr 5G leak reiterates old rumors, gives some new info as well

Latest Motorola Razr 2 leak reiterates old rumors, gives some new info as well
Motorola’s first foldable phone, the remade Razr, caused a lot of hype early in the year but the hype quickly went away shortly after its release. The high price and mediocre specs meant that few people actually considered the phone as a daily driver and after reviewers were done with it, it slipped into obscurity.

Luckily, we now have another Razr to talk about, the upcoming second version of the device. Rumors about it have been coming at a steady pace and the latest leak “confirms” a lot of them. Provided by the prominent leaker Evan Blass on Twitter, the latest piece added to the Razr 2 puzzle comes in the form of a short specs sheet that you can see below:

The name, Razr 5G and the display size, which is the same as that of the first generation, suggest that this will be only a refresh, just as expected. There are some significant changes, however, if the rumors are to be believed.

The biggest is the switch to the Snapdragon 765G processor, which isn’t mentioned above but is essential for the 5G capability. The storage is doubled and both cameras are getting swapped for ones with much larger sensors. Hopefully, Motorola will also do its diligence when it comes to the processing part of the cameras and Razr 5G will be able to rival flagships at least with image quality, if not the number of cameras.

Two curious tidbits can be noticed above. First, there will be a new color, Mercury Silver. That makes perfect sense, people will need a way to show they have the newer and improved version of the phone.

The second is that the operating system is Android 10. Granted, Android 11 isn’t even out yet, but previous leaks put the Razr 5G release towards the very end of the year if not even 2021. By then, you’d expect a $1,500 phone to have the latest available operating system. Of course, these are rumors and by the release time a lot can change.

Speaking of the price, it’s unknown yet, but assuming that Motorola will keep the price while significantly bumping the specs is pretty reasonable at this point. That will certainly improve the value of the phone, but will it be enough to make people buy it?

A few months from now, we’ll receive a fresh batch of iPhones, Pixels and OnePlus flagships, all of which will move the bar higher in one aspect or another. The foldable display and cool-looking design of the Razr are hardly going to be worth the compromises in other areas much more important for the user experience.

Time will tell, and we’re waiting eagerly.

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