Official Pixel 8 Pro image pops up on Google website as more details on colors are also revealed

Official Pixel 8 Pro image pops up on Google website as more details on colors are also revealed
Google may have gotten better and better at designing, manufacturing, and selling in-house mobile devices over the last few years, but when it comes to keeping unreleased Pixel phones a secret, the search giant is still not doing a great job. 

Of course, it sometimes seems like Big G is not even trying that hard to fight against leaks and leakers, with a new official image, for instance, confirming what... we already knew about the Pixel 8 Pro.

Are we sure that's not the Pixel 7 Pro?

While Google's next big thing is set to strongly resemble its 6.7-inch predecessor, two key details clearly visible in the promotional picture below make us 100 percent confident that we're indeed looking at a Pixel 8 Pro here.

First and foremost, the rear-facing camera system, which contains three (not so) mysterious sensors confined in one big pill-shaped space rather than being split in two side-to-side modules. Next to the triple shooter setup, you have another two sensors instead of just one, with the component at the top likely to act as a good old fashioned LED flash while the little circular thing at the bottom should take care of body temperature measurements in an attempt from Google to stand out from today's Android flagship pack.

The Pixel 8 Pro's screen is unfortunately not visible in this image, but the back cover reveals (or rather confirms) another interesting tidbit as well. Namely, that this bad boy will come in the same "Porcelain" hue as the Pixel Fold, which is similar but not identical to the Pixel 7 Pro's "Snow" color option.

Oh, and if you're somehow still doubtful of the legitimacy of the Pixel 8 Pro's presence in this official picture uploaded (most likely by mistake) to an official Google Store webpage, the search giant made sure to leave no traces of mystery in the air with the following alternate text: "a person takes a call on a Pixel 8 Pro phone in Porcelain." Subtle stuff.

Other expected Pixel 8 Pro paint jobs

Given that the Porcelain (read white) version of the fast-approaching Pixel 8 Pro flagship is pretty much etched in stone, now feels like an ideal time to circle back to those chromatic rumors from a few weeks ago and see where we stand.


Even better, we have some fresh speculation on the matter to discuss, and it comes from one of the most reliable sources of inside information in the mobile business. According to 9To5Google, the Pixel 8 Pro will "borrow" the "Obsidian" (read black) flavor of the Pixel Fold in addition to the aforementioned Porcelain hue while also opting for a more "vibrant" take on the "Sea" (aka blue) shade of the Pixel 7a mid-ranger.

The marketing labels of these three colors are still up for debate, mind you, with the Porcelain, Licorice, and Sky names bandied about a while ago, but compared to the Pixel 7 Pro, it seems all but settled now that the "Hazel" hue will be replaced with a more eye-catching blue shade.

With no new information rumored on the "regular" Pixel 8 color front, we're left expecting the non-Pro handset to come out in Licorice, Peony, and Haze flavors, which also sounds like a slightly different and potentially prettier lineup than the Pixel 7's Obsidian - Lemongrass - Snow trio.

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