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It’s finally here folks: the Pixel 7a in all of its glory! Revealed just moments ago in Google’s I/O event of 2023, the latest iteration of Google’s A-series of mid range smartphones here, powerful and priced just right.

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As we all hoped and suspected, the Pixel 7a is indeed equipped with the Tensor G2 powerhouse of a CPU, made especially by Google. Not only that, but the smartphone also comes with a Titan M2 security chip for extra data protection.

So what does that translate to? A phone with top-tier Android performance and extra features, previously seen on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which haven’t been available on an A-series phone until now. Oh, and it’s available right now for $499/£449.

Naturally, the Pixel 7a fits in with the retro-futuristic aesthetic, as seen on the latest Google flagships. On the surface, its dual camera array and new color options help it stand out, but beyond that: its durability is also superior to its predecessor, the Pixel 6a.

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Pixel 7a release date

The Pixel 7a was unveiled during Google’s I/O event of 2023, which was held in May. Viewers were able to watch the unveiling live on YouTube. The smartphone was announced alongside the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet.

After it was showcased, the Pixel 7a became available for purchase through Google’s online store for $499. Those of you eager to get some hands-on time before committing to the purchase, however, can check out a nifty guide regarding the phone’s availability in-store.

It is unlikely that the Pixel 7a will become available for purchase in-store worldwide this early, due to which Google advises those interested in keeping up-to-date with availability, to sign-up for updates.

Pixel 7a price

The price-point of the Pixel 7a became not only a point of contention, but also a very badly kept secret just before the product’s official launch. Those leakers, pointing to the price point being somewhere between the Pixel 6a’s $449 and $500 turned out to be correct.

The price tag for the Pixel 7a is $499 (£449 for the UK), which is just slightly higher than the Pixel 6a’s $449 price point. But with the extra functions and features that have arrived on the device, the extra $50 is certainly worth it.

If that sounds like a bargain, it’s pretty much because it is. Even at full price, the feature-packed experience of the Pixel 7a — on paper — sounds like a no-brainer. If you can’t wait, you can get yours now on Google’s official online store.

Oh, and check out these radical, made by Google cases for the Pixel 7a too, while you are at it! If history has taught us anything, it is that they always sell out like hotcakes! 

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Pixel 7a specs

Here's a quick rundown of all the specs of the Pixel 7a:

  • A 6,1" OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate
  • Powered by the Google Tensor G2
  • Equipped with 8GB of RAM
  • Triple camera array, consisting of:
    ○ 64MP primary sensor
    ○ 13MP ultra-wide camera
  • Has a 13MP selfie snapper
  • Comes with 128GB of storage and has no expandable storage slot
  • Battery size of 4385mAh with fast 18W charging and wireless 7,5W charging
  • Rated at IP67, making it completely dustproof and capable of surviving dunks in clean water
  • Covered by Corning Gorilla Glass on the front, its back is made out of plastic
  • Android 13 out of the box
  • Four years of Software Upgrades
  • Five years of Security Patches
  • Supports NFC and is 5G-enabled
  • Has an under-display fingerprint sensor, but also works with 2D face unlock

Without a doubt, that is a good list of specs for the $499 asking price. The Tensor G2 is the star of the show, but not because of its raw power. It's because of Google's usage of black magic, which enables the chip to do all sorts of cool stuff.

And while 128GB of storage may seem like not enough for many of us, the rest of the specs are pretty much on point. 8GB of RAM is more than enough for any solid smartphone nowadays and this is likely to remain the case for the awesome five-year software support plan that the Pixel 7a is on. 

You should keep in mind one key thing when considering the Pixel 7a: you are also getting tons of extra features on the software front. Also, you are likely to get new Android features ahead of everyone else too! When you combine this with the specs listed above... The Pixel 7a is certainly a tasty device. 

Pixel 7a reviews

Google is sticking to the established, Daft Punk-inspired design of the Pixel 7 line! But this can also be said for the chipset inside and the unique feature set, which is a huge part of what makes a Pixel phone feel like a Pixel phone. 

Even though the Pixel 7a is more affordable than the Pixel 7 Pro for example, it is still slightly more expensive than the Pixel 6a, which was priced at $449.  But the Pixel 7a has several fresh things going about it:

  • The latest Tensor G2 CPU
  • The highest refresh rate we've seen on a Pixel A-series phone
  • The 64MP primary cam
  • The 2GB of additional RAM, for a total of 8GB

With this being a Pixel phone, you'd be correct to expect a capable camera. Photos come out natural, but vibrant and can be compared to such taken on a Pixel 7 no-prob! The 7a is also able to take impressive low light shots too. Oh, and the selfie snapper performs admirably too! 

Even though the Pixel 7a comes with Android 13 out of the box, it will soon be eligible for the Android 14 Beta, if you are eager to join it. Beyond that, there's tons of extra features, that are exclusive to the Pixel line, such as:

  • Face Unlock is finally available on the Pixel A-series with the Pixel 7a
  • Direct my call, which helps users see menu options ahead of time when contacting businesses
  • Alt text, which lets you select menu options through a UI menu
  • Call Screen, which can tell you who is calling you and why, so that you can decide if you’d like to pick up
  • Hold for Me enables your Pixel phone to hold your place in your stead and then let you know when the representative on the other end of the line is ready to proceed
  • Clear Calling, which eliminates background noise and enhances call quality
  • Wait times, which lets you know how long you’ll have to wait when calling a business
  • Live Translate, which is pretty much just that: a great live translation tool
  • Recorder Speaker Labels, which enables the Pixel’s recorder app to recognise and mark different speakers
  • Assistant Voice Typing, which allows you to type out messages or notes with your voice
  • Voice Messaging Transcription in turn allows your Pixel to display voice messages received through the Messages Android app as texts
  • At a Glance: the Google-made widget that aims to give you all the info you need in a fast manner, right on your home screen
  • Google Assistant! It’s available on other Android phones too, but it has extra ticks up its sleeves on Pixel phones
  • A clean Android install: no bloatware, no hassle!

Some of these may only be available (or function properly) in specific regions or languages, but when they work: it is kind of amazing. 

The phone is capable of sticking with you throughout a normal day's use, but if you are a heavy user — or one into gaming — you can expect a heavier impact on battery. And that wouldn't be such a big deal if the charging speeds of the Pixel 7a weren't unimpressively slow. 

In summary, the Pixel 7a is an improvement over the 6a. But should you upgrade right away? To find out, make sure to read our full Pixel 7a review.

Pixel 7a comparisons

The Pixel 7a isn't unique in it's category, though. As such, here's a quick list of comparisons that might help you get a better idea of how the device holds its ground against some of its competitors:

And, just for the record, here's a quick list of the latest Google Pixel phones, which you may want to check out:

In what colors is the Pixel 7a available?

So! New Pixel 7a, new design? Not really, no. The Pixel 7a is practically identical to the Pixel 6a on the surface. But that doesn’t mean that the smartphone’s design hasn’t been improved in numerous ways.

For starters, we’ve got some fresh color options for the phone. In total, here are the variants available for the Pixel 7a:

  • Charcoal
  • Snow
  • Sea
  • Coral (Google Store US exclusive)

The light-blue tinted Sea color has been circulating the rumor mill for awhile under several names, but now we see it in all of its glory. It's a very fresh take on the Pixel 7a’s design, which follows nicely in the footsteps of the nature theme, which Google has clinged to for the past few years.

As a matter of fact, the same can be said about the gorgeous and bright Coral option, which fits in with the theme quite well. Numerous leakers pointed out that it will likely be a Google Store exclusive and indeed — it will, for the US.

The Pixel 7a’s midframe has been revamped, which has allowed Google’s latest midrange smartphone to also be its most durable one yet. The frame itself is made out of aluminum, while the screen is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass, albeit if the back remains plastic.

Google’s continuous dedication to sustainability resurfaces in the Pixel 7a’s design too, as all of the previously mentioned components are crafted out of recycled materials. But even at that, there hasn’t been a compromise in terms of quality or durability, as the smartphone is rated for an IP67 protection rating, just as the Pixel 6a was before it.

What is the Pixel 7a's battery capacity?

The Pixel 7a has gotten quite the upgrade in terms of battery life. Another one of the major complaints, related to its predecessor — the Pixel 6a — was the lack of wireless charging. And would you look at that? The Pixel 7a address that concerns head-on!

Here’s what’s new under the hood in terms of charging:

  • A 4385mAh battery
  • 18W fast-charging via cable
  • 7.5W wireless charging

Okay, so it’s not fast-charging and it’s not impressive through metrics alone, but let’s be honest: wireless charging is a matter of convenience at this point.

Wireless charging can be enabled through the showcased official Pixel stand or through any Qi-certified charger, which means that there are loads of options for wireless charging.

That being said, the battery capacity itself is slightly lower than the 4410mAh of the Pixel 6a. Given that the Pixel 7a is more powerful than its predecessor, would that mean that its battery is less durable? Unlikely, you’ll have to wait until we’ve gotten our hands on it in order for us to be able to confirm or deny that.

What are the Pixel 7a's camera specs

Likewise to its predecessor, the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7a has a dual-camera setup, but this time around it has been upgraded to contain:

  • 64MP primary sensor
  • 13MP ultra-wide
  • 13MP front-facing 4K camera

The real draw of a Pixel phone, however, is the slew of impressive and exclusive camera features. The Pixel 7a has a ton of them, so here's a quick list for your convenience: 

  • Photo Unblur, which can sharpen up photos, regardless of if they have been taken with a Pixel phone or not
  • Magic Eraser, which lets you remove unwanted objects from your shots
  • Super Res Zoom, allowing for 8x zoom resulting in detailed images
  • Long Exposure shots, which unleashes a whole slew of creative applications
  • A Night Mode, capable of capturing the night sky’s beauty, now twice as faster than on the Pixel 6a
  • Photo Blur, which lets you add a realistic bokeh effect to your photos
  • Portrait Light, which can help you add extra oomph to your portrait snaps via adding the right lighting
  • Automatic color correction for landscapes featuring the Sky, which produce brilliant results
  • Color focus, which helps your subjects stand out through allowing only one (or few) colors to remain on the image
  • Top Shot helps you pick out the best shot out of several taken, all-a burst mode
  • Real Tone technology, which ensures that skin tones remain natural and lifelike even after the photo has been taken

Night Sight takes twice as less time to process, thanks to the Tensor G2 chip inside the phone, while Long Exposure and Super res zoom are two entirely new features for Google's A-series line. 

What are the best Pixel 7a accessories? 

With the Pixel 7a's launch, Google did something that numerous fans appreciated: they released new made-by-Google cases for the phone. Each of the cases are made to compliment the phone's color variants. 

Historically, these cases have always been sold-out before you know it, which is certainly a testament to their quality and design. They are especially made to fit the Pixel 7a just right. 

But there is another must-have accessory for the Pixel 7a: a charging brick. Yep, the phone comes with just a cable out of the box! While this is a bummer, the low charging speeds of the Pixel 7a makes it rather compatible with most chargers out there.

Still, for an optimal charging experience, you should keep an eye out for a charger, capable of outputting the as-per-spec sheet speeds. 

What are the best Pixel 7a deals?

As of now, we havent caught many glimpses of the Pixel 7a being on offer. But that doesn't mean we didn't manage to find a discount for you! This one comes courtesy of Amazon and can get you a sweet $50 discount.

Pixel 7a 8GB 128GB

6.1 inches OLED 90Hz screen | Google Tensor G2 chip | 64MP+13MP rear cameras | 13MP front facing camera | 4,385mAh battery

This, in turn, effectively eliminates the price increase that the latest A-series Pixel phone received since the Pixel 6a, so if that was what was stopping you from making the purchase, now you can press that "Buy" button without any hesitation! 

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