Here's all that Samsung announced at Unpacked: Galaxy S23 series and more

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The next flagship series by Samsung, the Galaxy S23 trio, is now here. Samsung officially lifted the veil on the three phones at an excitement-filled Unpacked event, which we've summarized in this article for your convenience.
By the way, we've embedded the full recording above (jump to the 1-hour mark for the start), but you can also check out our 6-minute supercut version. Or keep scrolling for an overview of all major announcements Samsung made today.

But first, a quick look at pre-order options available right now:

Galaxy S23 Ultra (512GB) is available at Amazon

The Galaxy S23 Ultra with 512GB of storage is available on Amazon in limited quantities. The smartphone arrives at its standard price. Only the models in Green and Lavender are currently available.

Galaxy S23+ is available at Amazon at $51 off

The Galaxy S23+ with 256GB of built-in storage arrives at $51 off. You can trade in a suitable device to save up to $260 with an Gift Card.

Galaxy S23 is now available at Amazon

The vanilla Galaxy S23 sells at its standard price on Amazon. Limited color options are available. You can trade in a suitable device to unlock up to $260 in savings.

Get the 512GB Galaxy S23 Ultra for $880 off at Best Buy!

Best Buy has a great Galaxy S23 Ultra preorder deal running until 2/16 with up to an $880 discount. You get up to $600 with a trade, a $100 Best Buy gift card, and a free 512GB storage upgrade worth a Benjamin!
$419 99
$1299 99

Get the unlocked Galaxy S23+ with up to $600 off with trade-in at Best Buy!

Get up to $600 off with trade-in for the unlocked Galaxy S23 Plus at Best Buy. Of course, the phone is available also for the three main carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The carriers are also offering discounts if you purchase your phone from Best Buy. Check all the conditions on Best Buy's website!
$399 99
$999 99

Galaxy S23 up to $600 off with trade-in for unlocked model

Get the Galaxy S23 unlocked for up to $600 off. Just like the offer above, the Galaxy S23 is available also for the three main carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The carriers are also offering their own discounts if you purchase your phone from Best Buy and activate it with one of the main carriers. Don't miss out!
$199 99
$799 99

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Naturally, the most powerful and capable phone is the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Highlights include a 200MP main camera, a super-bright display, and an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip tailored for Galaxy. The S Pen comes standard, as you would expect.

One area that hasn't seen an improvement, however, is battery capacity and charging. As the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the S23 Ultra has a 5000mAh battery that charges at up to 45 watts.

Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+

The most affordable phone in the series is the 6.1-inch Galaxy S23. It also happens to be the lightest and most compact, in case smaller phones are more up your alley - though you'll have to settle with a battery of "just" 3900mAh. While it doesn't have the Ultra's monstrous 200MP main cam, it does have the spiced-up Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip under its hood. A 50MP main camera is also at your disposal.

And nested in between is the Galaxy S23+, equipped with the same 50MP main camera and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, but also with a large, 6.6-inch display and a 4700mAh battery.

One UI 5.1 update

The Galaxy S23 series will ship with One UI 5.1 out of the box, while select Galaxy phones will get the software with an update at a later date. While One UI 5.1 is far from a major update, it adds some productivity features like collaboration in Galaxy Notes while on a call in Google Meet, as well as Bixby Text Call, which converts phone calls into text.

Galaxy Book laptop PCs

Samsung used the Unpacked event to announce a range of new Windows laptops designed for creatives and professionals. The top-of-the-line Ultra model can be equipped with up to a Core i9 processor and an Nvidia RTX 4070 laptop GPU, which sounds like a mighty powerful combo. Naturally, the software has been optimized to get along well with Samsung's range of Galaxy smartphones.

Below is a live blog of the Galaxy Unpacked event where we covered the announcements in more detail. Feel free to explore!

Iskra Petrova

Thank you for being with us!

We're wrapping up today's live coverage, and I hope we've been helpful and you've been able to share our excitement about the three new phones. However, things are far from over - now, we'll be doing our detailed reviews and we'll be testing the three phones so you know how they perform in real life. Stay tuned for that, and thank you for spending time with us during today's Galaxy Unpacked event. See you next time!
Iskra Petrova

Galaxy S23 vs Galaxy S22: hands-on review and early impressions

Rocking a Galaxy S22 and wondering whether you should upgrade? Or maybe, you're due for an upgrade and you're torn between last year's Samsung flagship and this year's? If that's the case, take a look at our comparison between the Galaxy S23 vs Galaxy S22. It's bound to help you with your decision!
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iPhone or Galaxy? Second round, the beasts: iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra

Now we're taking the ultimate flagships to face each other. Comparing design, specs, performance, camera, battery - everything you can think of. Dive into our preliminary Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max to see which phone gets to be on top. Or, could they even out?

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Which Galaxy is the right one for you? Galaxy S23 Plus vs Galaxy S23

Although the noise today was almost exclusively focused on the Ultra, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be interested in the Galaxy S23 Plus or the vanilla Galaxy S23. There are differences between these two models and if you want to know what those are, check out our Galaxy S23 Plus vs Galaxy S23 comparison article.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy S23 vs Galaxy Z Flip 4: an unlikely comparison, but foldables are going mainstream

That's a question worth asking. Would you go for the tried and tested flagship, or would you choose an eye-catching flip phone? We compare the Galaxy S23 vs Z Flip 4 to figure out where the pros and cons in each approach are.

Iskra Petrova

To buy a Galaxy or to buy an iPhone? That's the question... Galaxy S23 Plus vs iPhone 14 Plus

Of course there's the eternal battle raging between Galaxy fans and iPhone fans. But in our Galaxy S23 Plus vs iPhone 14 Plus comparison, we don't dive into that. We focus on objectively pinning the two phones against each other to help you determine which one to go for. Across all categories, the battle between the two will rage. Check it out and determine for yourself who wins.

Iskra Petrova

Is the Galaxy S23 waterproof: deep-dive into the IP rating of the new phones

You may know that premium flagships these days are pretty durable. And also, they come with high protection against damage from water, dust... but if you're hesitant about the new Galaxy S23 series, you might want to check out our Galaxy S23: is it waterproof article. We take a deep dive into the IP rating the phones sport, explain what the numbers in it really mean, and what's the level of protection of the new phones against the elements (in our case, dust and moisture). Better be safe than sorry, you know.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Ultra: there are upgrades... but how much better is it?

The first thing that's going to pop up in someone's mind when a new phone is released and all the talk about "now even better" is going on is... well, "how much better?" That's what we asked ourselves and the answer lies within the Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Ultra comparison. A direct comparison across multiple categories of Samsung's 2022 and its 2023 most premium and advanced flagships.

Also, our comparison with the Galaxy S23 Plus vs the Galaxy S22 Plus is also now live.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy S23 battery life: what will our test show?

If you've been around PhoneArena for a while, you may know that we have our own, quite extensive battery life tests. Each phone that we review goes through them (and some don't make it... or do they). All in all, we test them in various scenarios to better determine how they perform in real life. When we get the S23 babies for reviews, they'll be going through the same. Meanwhile, we dive into detail about the official info on their battery sizes in our Galaxy S23 battery life article. Check it out!

Iskra Petrova

We're taking the new Galaxy S23 against the most premium Pixels

All of this great talk is for sure awesome, but how do the new Galaxy phones fare against the competition? We're seeking the answers in putting each phone against its direct competitor. We measure their success (or failure) in multiple categories including camera, display, battery, performance. Check out our Galaxy S23 vs Pixel 7 comparison, or our Galaxy S23 Ultra vs the Pixel 7 Pro comparison and find out which phone is better!

Iskra Petrova

Curious about the new S23 chip? We dive into detail

Read everything you want to know about the new, custom-made Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip for Galaxy. We discuss all the aspects of the new chip in detail. Check out our Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy article.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy S23 series size comparison

Curious how the three phones compare to each other in terms of size? Dive into our Galaxy S23 size comparison and see all the details: dimensions, weights, anything you would want to know about the sizes of the new flagship phones.
Iskra Petrova

That's a wrap of today's livestream; Galaxy S23 price and availability

The livestream is over, the Galaxy S23 are finally out of the dark and at last, official. Leaks have somewhat spoiled the fun, but that doesn't really mean much when we're soon going to see the Galaxy S23 phones live. As we expected from leaks, the prices of the three new models in the U.S. remain the same. Pre-orders start today, and the phones will be in stores on February 17.

Iskra Petrova

Samsung addresses partnership with Google and Qualcomm

Qualcomm and Samsung have a long story of collaboration, and now their partnership is growing stronger with the S23. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform for Galaxy delivers AI with ISP that enhances photos and videos in real life. This AI enhancement allows for better photos, even in low light. The GPU delivers ultra-realistic graphics for a desktop-level game play.

On the other hand, Samsung and Google's collab brings people closer together with the integration of Google Meet and Messages. Also, Google is investing in AR experiences and is looking forward to work with Samsung. Interestingly, it is unclear what those two companies will build in XR (mixed reality) going forward.

Iskra Petrova

The Galaxy experience: One UI 5.1 is here

Customizable your photos on your lock-screen, enjoy Smart suggestions that recommend apps and actions when you usually use them - customized just for you. Privacy and security are now improved and stronger. You even get a Maintenance mode, which locks your messages and gallery behind a pin code so no customer service or any repairman can glance at your data. On top of that, you get Security and Privacy now in one place for easy access

But that's not all! Upgraded Samsung Notes now enable you to share a work in progress or collab in real time. You also get Google Meet integration. Meanwhile, the S Pen Handwriting to Text is now supported in Chrome and YouTube.

Also, easily connect and control smart home, you now get modes and routines that can sync to your smart home.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is here

Featuring the latest Intel Core processor, the i7 or i9 (you get to choose), the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is here to take your work, creativity and gaming to the next level. The Galaxy Book 3 is available as a Pro and Ultra variant.

Iskra Petrova

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy: improvements across the board

The new custom chip balances performance and power when the camera is working hard on those epic night-time photos and videos. Optimized GPU is around 41% faster, designed for power users. The Galaxy S23 series now can run games with epic graphics, thanks to this chip. All in all, it's going to be really difficult to get these phones to stutter while gaming, don't you think?

Also, the 1750 peak brightness on the phones ensures you can game wherever and whenever you'd want.

Iskra Petrova

S23 camera specs at a glance

We can't be more delighted with the camera specs of these phones. Check the most important camera specs of the S23 and the S23 Ultra.

Iskra Petrova

Low-light filming made easy with the Galaxy S23 Ultra

OIS, or Optical Image Stabilization, now comes with doubled capabilities for even more stable footage. Improved software and AI are also helping to separate noise and details, reducing noise in your frames. Enhanced solution reduces over-exposure in your videos. Yep, all in all now anyone can make a stunning night-time videos... but it's not only for videos. Photos also get improved Nightography. Visual noise will be minimized by AI, AI Stereo Depth Map ensures you'll get better portrait shots in low light: it can even separate things like glasses from the background (those usually confuse the hell out of mobile phones' cameras, even in bright daylight!).

Iskra Petrova

S23 series advanced sensor supports Super HDR for high quality capture

Get brighter videos and film in 8K. The Galaxy S23 Ultra's main 200MP sensor also got mentioned now, with Samsung detailing its incredible possibilities to take on different lighting scenarios and make impressive photos, including low light scenarios. Samsung's also underlining how having that many pixels make it easier to focus. All in all, it seems you'll be able to make higher quality photos than ever. Nightography is also getting notable improvements with the S23 Ultra. And, we get to see another movie shot with the S23 Ultra - this time, it's an action-packed thriller.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy S23 Ultra is here: awesome camera performance is here... and it filmed the presentations today

The focus straight away goes to the S23 Ultra. We start with the best one, no compromises. To underline the capabilities of the S23 Ultra, Samsung's partnered with director Ridley Scott, to film a movie with just the S23 Ultra. He talks about using the S23 Ultra in small environments, where it would be difficult to bring big camera equipment, needed to shoot a movie. 

Iskra Petrova

Growing ecosystem. Welcome to Unpacked 2023

Samsung talks about the ever-growing Galaxy ecosystem. It also focuses on the materials the company's using. Sustainability is key, and long-lasting tech is also important. The Galaxy S23 series get their first mention, while the focus is also shifting to the Galaxy Book Ultra briefly, before we're warmly welcomed to the start of the show.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy Unpacked: filmed with Galaxy

We hear the people clapping! It's been a while since we've had a live event with people, not only an online one. Samsung's gearing up to a meaningful innovation. And, we're going to the Galaxy S series, straight away!

Iskra Petrova

It's show time!

Now is the time to get ready for some innovation and real excitement. Finally, after months of leaks... Galaxy S23, make your official appearance already!
Iskra Petrova

A cheerful tune is playing on the livestream while we wait

Samsung's teaser is now on repeat on the YouTube livestream. But not for long! Soon, five minutes more to go, and we'll dive deep into the next Galaxies. Some say 2023's the year of hope. Samsung's teaser theme that's playing right now surely makes us think so. Galaxy S23, here we go!
Iskra Petrova

Ten minutes, guys, are we excited yet?

Today is Samsung Galaxy day! And the official unveiling has almost started now. Some mere minutes and we'll be watching the fancy Galaxy S23 Ultra show up (and everything will be official this time, no leaks to throw us off and have us all in doubt whether or not it will happen). Also, we'll see its smaller siblings, the S23 and S23 Plus. Samsung's also expected to unveil new Galaxy Books. One UI 5.1 should also get announced today, coming first to the Galaxy S23, and then visiting older flagships. We sincerely can't wait. Can you?
Iskra Petrova

Get ready for some really good night-time photography

Okay guys, it really does seem night-time photography will be the key selling point of the beasty S23 Ultra. Just look at all the teasers, all focused on what you can capture in the night. And, who would actually blame Samsung for going there? After all, the Ultra's going to rock a 200MP sensor! Night-time photography is awesome, and it seems Samsung is headed for the moon and stars, bound to make it even more awesome!
Iskra Petrova

Just in: promo video leaks on Twitter ahead of S23 launch

We're mere minutes away the start of the first big unveiling of the year. The Galaxy S23 phone are now almost here. And leaks just keep coming - just like they've been doing for the past weeks, and even months. The latest leak is a promo video that seems to have leaked first on Chinese social media website. Check it out!

Iskra Petrova

Less than 30 minutes before the start, Galaxy Unpacked 2023

You've probably heard the phrase that patience is a virtue. And we've been virtuous - now, we're ready for some action!

Leaks in the previous months have been generous with info on the upcoming Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and Ultra. But that doesn't mean Samsung doesn't have surprises hidden in its sleeve. Or does it? The only real way to know is to tune in for the event, now just in 20-something minutes! Or, follow it here as we cover it live!
Iskra Petrova

The YouTube stream for the Unpacked event is now on

Well, the show hasn't started yet, but the YouTube stream where we'll all be able to witness the unveiling of the next-gen flagship phonеs by Samsung is now on. It is playing the same teaser that's been pinned to Samsung Mobile's Twitter account for a few days already, but we can't help but get hyped.

Many Galaxy fans are already waiting for the official livestream to start. More will likely join as we approach next hour, when the show is bound to start.
Iskra Petrova

Storage options on the Galaxy S23: what the leakers have said so far

Leakers have also been talking about the possible RAM + Storage combinations we might get with the S23 series. It seems the Galaxy S23 Ultra storage will start at 256GB, great news for all of you digital hoarders (and people planning to take advantage of that camera prowess!). Other options are 512GB and 1TB of storage.
The S23 Plus is also expected to have base storage of 256GB. The S23's base storage is expected to remain at 128GB. In terms of RAM, options are expected to be 8GB or 12 GB, and the S23 and S23 Plus will only get 8 gigs as an option.

Iskra Petrova

Galaxy S23 camera specs: expect awesome camera experience

We've heard a lot of talk about the S23 phones. In the previous weeks and months, we've been consistently hearing about them. Let's briefly recap what are the expected S23 camera specs ahead of the event.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will sport an epic 200MP epic main camera, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP 3x telephoto camera and 10MP 10x periscope zoom camera.

The Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 will have the same camera systems. The both phones feature a 50MP main camera, a 12 ultra-wide camera, and a 10MP 3x telephoto camera.
Iskra Petrova

Samsung teases epic gaming experience on the S23 series

Another interesting teaser from Samsung Mobile on Twitter hints at some gaming improvements. Wonder what those will be? For sure, the new chip will probably be behind all this... alongside the mysterious figure of "the most iconic gamer ever".

Iskra Petrova

Let's talk battery: what we expect from Galaxy S23 battery

The S23 series will likely get a bump in battery life just from that new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Also, the new-gen OLED displays should help as well.

But what do leaks say about the exact numbers? Well, it seems the Galaxy S23 Ultra will retain a generous 5,000mAh battery cell, while the S23 Plus and the S23 will reportedly get a 200mAh bump from their predecessors: a 4,700mAh and 3,900mAh battery respectively.

It would be interesting to know how these improvements impact the real-life usage of these phones. Not only it is interesting, but we're also impatient to test them! And we will when we get all of them for review soon enough. But before that - stay tuned for the event itself!

Iskra Petrova

Just in: leaker shares bundle discount for Galaxy S23 Ultra + Watch 5 in the UK

Folks in the UK are going to be lucky as they can get some fancy discounts on a bundle of Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB with 44mm Galaxy Watch 5. We can't help but wonder if there will be similar discounts in the U.S. - but we doubt it!

Nevertheless, other discounts for the U.S. will surely be put in place. Maybe trade-in deals. We'll see soon enough!

Iskra Petrova

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy: leaker corroborates earlier rumors about custom-made chip

Something interesting's under the hood. The S23 series is expected to come with a custom-made chip, designed specifically for Galaxy. Rumors have been around for a while stating an overclocked version of the latest high-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be powering the phones.

Exynos-powered S phones are to be no more. At least not this year! Reputable leaker Roland Quandt has shared an image of the new chip in a tweet. Of course, we are yet to know what actual results this chip will deliver, and how will it differ from the regular 8 Gen 2. We'll know soon, though!

Iskra Petrova

Software? One UI 5.1 changelist reveals some features coming first to Galaxy S23

The leakers come again, don't they? This time, it's some changes that One UI 5.1 will bring - yep, with our highly-anticipated Galaxy S23 phones! Among the new features is the possibility to change the hue for a selfie easier, with the "Effects" button on the screen. Quick access to Expert RAW is another one of them.

You also get Shared Family Album, convenient display of information about the photo, a more powerful search, the possibility to choose a location to save screenshots. Also, you'll find improvements in widgets and modes.

All of this is just waiting behind the corner, and we're bound to see more during the Unpacked event... just mere hours left now!

Below, another of our cool renders of the S23.

Iskra Petrova

Samsung 200MP ISOCELL HP2: what else could it bring

We've already mentioned about the expected Galaxy S23 Ultra main camera, equipped with a 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor. It will offer a higher resolution image, but that's not all.

It will come with a larger aperture than before at f/1.7, which means it will be able to capture more light. Also, its 200 million pixels can be used by the autofocusing system, and the Super QPD feature will help the camera focus quickly and easily. We expect to see improvements in dynamic range as well.

Leakers also indicate Night Mode on the Galaxy S23 Ultra will get major improvements.

Below are some alleged sample images from the main camera of the S23 Ultra (this leaker's account got deleted so... make your own conclusion):

Read more in our Galaxy S23 camera article.
Iskra Petrova

Less than 3 hours left before the start, Galaxy Unpacked 2023 we're coming!

Okay, folks, time is never stopping and we don't want it to stop, especially now, as we're getting closer and closer to the official launch of the Galaxy S23 series. We expect the beasty Galaxy S23 Ultra, the S23 Plus, and the S23, to come with a bang now in less than three hours.

The phones are expected to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor specifically designed for Galaxy, epic camera systems, premium design, and flagship-grade features. Below, a render by us.

Iskra Petrova

Samsung teaser: epic nights are coming, Galaxy Unpacked 2023

A teaser is a teaser: it gets you hyped, and makes the anticipation grow. And, a well-done teaser also gives some interesting hints about the upcoming devices. We can't know for sure (yet, at least) but judging from the teaser, Samsung is getting us geared up for some epic night shots!

We presume we'll be getting some awesome nighttime photography on the S23 series. Think about that 200MP main sensor that the S23 Ultra is going to rock. Imagine all the possibilities of the night shots it will take.

Wooow, says the Galaxy teaser. It also shows the green that we've heard from leaks will be the S23 Ultra's signature color this time.

Iskra Petrova

Latest news: Amazon lists the Galaxy S23 in Lavender and Cream

If there were doubts about the official names of the colors for the Galaxy S23, those are now over. Amazon has just listed the Galaxy S23 in Lavender and Cream, confirming what earlier leaks said two of the four main colors will be named.

Lavender is the pink-ish hue, and Cream is the white-ish hue. And, the listing also corroborates earlier leaks about the prices of the US models, at least the base one, starting at $799.99. Of course, clicking on any of those links won't lead you anywhere just yet.

Iskra Petrova

An interesting-looking Gadget Case shows up online for the S23 phones

This rugged case was leaked on Twitter. As with any leak, it's best to take it with a grain of salt but boy, does it look cool. It features a MagSafe-esque connector on the back, which helps you attach different accessories, like a compact wallet or a kickstand.

Reportedly, this case will be made by Samsung itself. When the phones officially grace us with their presence, the cases will pop up not soon after.
Iskra Petrova

Just in: Samsung prematurely publishes an image of the S23 phones

Samsung's own website in the Middle East has leaked the next-gen premium flagship phones. We've seen the image before in previous leaks as well. Oh man, do the leaks never stop? It's true that almost everything about these phones has leaked, making us crazy impatient to finally get our hands on them.

The three phones in the leak above sport three of four main colors: we're seeing a so-called "Cream" Galaxy S23, a so-called "Lavender" Galaxy S23 Plus, and a green Galaxy S23 Ultra. These are, as we already mentioned, three of the four main colors for the lineup, the fourth one most likely being a black shade.
Iskra Petrova

Okay, what about displays? The S23 series will sport epic peak brightness, it seems

We've had some good news (again, coming from leakers) about the display brightness of the Galaxy S23 and its bigger sibling, the S23 Plus. It seems those two will get peak brightness of up to 1750 nits, just like the Ultra.

The S23 and S23+ are expected to get a variable refresh rate ranging from 48Hz to 120Hz. On the other hand, we expect the LTPO panel on the Ultra to cover the whole 1Hz-200Hz range.

As for the Ultra, we expect it to come again with a slightly curved display, judging from leaked S23 series screen protectors.

Iskra Petrova

Last minute news: Samsung's latest version of "Over the Horizon" teases the S23 series

Ever since the Galaxy S2 in 2011, Over the Horizon has been the go-to melody for Samsung flagships. Now, just mere hours before the Unpacked 2023 starts, Samsung's teased the new version of the melody.

The theme is a bit quirky, alright, but Samsung underlines it celebrates positivity and optimism in an evolving world. Well, it may or may not spark positivity in everyone, but with less than five hours left before the big unveiling, it does spark excitement in the hearts of Galaxy fans.

Iskra Petrova

AT&T recently leaked the Galaxy S23 prices (the possible prices, anyway)

One thing has been keeping the internet on its toes... and the people behind the screens on the edge of their seats. And that is the prices of the three flagship phones. Leaks have so far revealed there might be some price hike in Europe for the phones. But what about the US prices?

AT&T recently leaked what could be the prices of the phones in the US. And, luckily for Americans, it seems we're not going to see any price hikes this time! Yes, this pretty much means the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra will start at the prices of their predecessors. Notably, $799.99, $999.99, and $1199.99 respectively.

Of course, nothing is official before it's official, remember that and stay tuned!

Iskra Petrova

Ready for some serious photography? Here comes the S23 Ultra main camera: a 200MP beast

Samsung recently announced the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor, which most likely will be the key selling point of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 200MP sensor features 200 million 0.6-micrometer (μm) pixels using a 1/1.3-inch optical format. It allows users to enjoy a high-resolution camera without a cumbersome and large camera bump.

Yep, keeping the sleek design and still rocking some camera prowess!

Another render above, made from us based on leaks. Those cameras are going to be contending soon enough for the best camera phone on the market!
Iskra Petrova

Leakers don't stop, they're delivering some more Galaxy S23-flavored hype

This year, the leakers have outdone themselves... and literally, there are many aspects of the expected flagship trio that have graced the internet. We're talking, almost everything! While we wait for the official event to start, we'll talk about some of the leaks too.

We got to see the phones in some early hands-on images, thanks to reputable leaker IceUniverse. Just look at that Galaxy S23 Ultra, looking quite gorgeous in a green shade.

Of course, one never knows if those leaks are real, and we'll know pretty soon what the flagship trio will officially look like - the event is fast approaching!

Iskra Petrova

Samsung cares about the planet: Galaxy S23 sustainability

Samsung's published another teaser for the event: they don't show the phones here, but the company underlines the importance of sustainability. And of course, featuring the crazy popular k-pop group, BTS. We'll know more when the event starts!

Iskra Petrova

Talking about design: expected Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for the Galaxy S23 series

Of course, we're still waiting for the event to begin, but if you've been following the mobile tech news recently, you'd know a lot of info has been leaked. Corning has announced its next-gen Gorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass Victus 2, stating it will play a key role in the design of Samsung's next Galaxy flagship series.

Surprise surprise - the company is clearly talking about the S23 series. And, the Galaxy S23 phones will be the first phones featuring said tougher glass.

We'll be getting enhanced durability and drop performance.

By the way, here's another render by us on the S23 and S23 Plus:

Iskra Petrova

Samsung teases the Galaxy S23 announcement event

Samsung is also now amping up the excitement all Galaxy fans are prone to be having in this current moment. The Korean company has published some teasers on Twitter while we're all eagerly waiting.

Iskra Petrova

Less than 6 hours to go now, Galaxy Unpacked 2023

Okay guys, we're getting closer to the official unveiling of the Galaxy S23 series! Anticipation is strong, although the devices have leaked extensively in the past few weeks and months. All in all, we expect three phones today - the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the middle brother Galaxy S23 Plus, and the 'vanilla' Galaxy S23. While we wait for the first big phone announcement of 2023, we'll be going through the latest leaks and rumors which give us glimpses of what we expect.

Starting with design! We expect the three phones to come in four colors, with exclusive colors probably reserved for buyers. The biggest of them all, the Ultra will be carrying a built-in S Pen, continuing the legacy of the Note series. We expect the camera bump of each phone to be removed and now the camera lenses is each standing on its own, organized quite beautifully in the back of the device.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to sport a 6.8-inch display with 120Hz refresh rate (and rumor has it, 1700 nits peak brightness just like the two other phones). The S23 Plus will rock a 6.6-inch display, and the S21 - a 6.1-inch display.

The render below is based on leaks, and created by us. Check it out while we wait:

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