AT&T makes the Samsung Galaxy S23 series prices and release date officially official

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AT&T makes the Samsung Galaxy S23 series prices and release date officially official
UPDATE: The Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra have gone official and up for pre-order as scheduled, costing exactly how much AT&T prematurely revealed. What we didn't know ahead of the formal Samsung announcement and pre-order start were the absolutely insane deals available now through February 17 allowing many buyers to spend nothing... after meeting a few special conditions:

The Galaxy S23 comes free on AT&T with extra credit and Samsung-exclusive colors!

Grab the AT&T Galaxy S23 from Samsung to get a number of colors you can only get there. If you sign up for an unlimited plan and offer a lowball trade even the 512GB S23 will be free plus Samsung us throwing in extra bonus via our link here on top of its store credit!
$0 /mo
$879 99
Pre-order at AT&T

Grab the Galaxy S23+ for free on AT&T with a storage upgrade!

The $999.99 Galaxy S23 Plus can be yours for free on AT&T if you sign up for an unlimited plan and get all the Samsung perks like free 512GB storage for the same price and $100 for accessories like cases with extra credit tacked on!
$0 /mo
$1119 99
Pre-order at AT&T

An AT&T S23 Ultra deal knocks it down to $200 with extra bonus!

Those on AT&T can grab the flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung with a plan and a trade for just $200. That’s with the extra bonus from the link below, a $70 Samsung store credit towards accessories, and a free storage bump to at least 512GB!
$199 99 /mo
$1379 99
Pre-order at AT&T


Well, there we have it. (Almost) all the key Galaxy S23 series details in plain sight, on the official website of one of Samsung's biggest US retail partners, including the full regional pricing and availability information you may have been a little conflicted about after a river of (sometimes) contradicting or unclear leaks of late.

AT&T has really done it this time, revealing a lot of S23 "secrets" ahead of the February 1 Unpacked event. This is most likely an error on the carrier's part that will probably be "fixed" before long, but the internet is not exactly designed to forget and forgive such mishaps.

These are the (likely) official Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra prices in the US

  • $799.99 and up - S23
  • $999.99 and up - S23+
  • $1,199.99 and up - S23 Ultra

If those digits happen to sound familiar, that might be because Samsung seemingly has no price hike whatsoever planned for the Galaxy S23 lineup compared to last year's S22 series... stateside.

Things may look radically different elsewhere, but AT&T customers (presumably alongside T-Mobile and AT&T subscribers and even direct buyers in the US) should be able to get the S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra at fairly reasonable prices... all things considered.

Even better, the Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra are widely expected to pack twice as much internal storage space as their predecessors in entry-level configurations fetching $1,000 and $1,200 respectively, while the "base" Galaxy S23 is unfortunately likely to settle for the same old 128 gigs of local digital hoarding room.

It remains to be seen now, of course, what kind of Galaxy S23 deals early US adopters will get. In some European markets, free storage upgrades are almost guaranteed, but alas, that may not mean much for the rest of the world, North America included.

On the bright side, US trade-in promotions are generally unrivaled, and if you hurry, you can (still) score a very cool reservation gift straight from Samsung.

But wait, there's (a whole lot) more

More information prematurely confirmed by AT&T on its own website, that is, including the following Galaxy S23 specs and features:

  • 6.6-inch "automatic adaptive" display
  • 5.76 x 2.79 x 0.3 inches dimensions
  • 5.93 ounces weight
  • "Crystal-clear" 50MP rear camera
  • Advance Nightography
  • IP68 water resistance
  • 5G support
  • Wireless fast charging
  • Android OS
  • Mobile hotspot support, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Green, cream, lavender, and phantom colors

Let's face it, there's nothing shocking or even mildly surprising to note on that list, as even the 6.6-incher's full physical dimensions were previously unearthed by very trustworthy sources.

The same goes for the US release schedule confirmed by AT&T today (yes, really), which marks February 1 as the start of online pre-orders and February 17 as the day when actual availability will kick off both online and in brick and mortar stores across the nation.

The February 17 release date should be good for the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra around the world, putting these bad boys in stores slightly earlier than the Galaxy S22 trio began selling last year.

Another (no-brainer) detail etched in stone by AT&T is that the S23 Ultra will ship alongside a trusty S Pen in its standard retail box, while the rest of the specs and features are... hardly the world's best-kept secret. Should you still tune into the big Unpacked launch on Wednesday? If you're a hardcore Samsung fan, absolutely. If not, we definitely wouldn't blame you if you made different plans at this point.
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