Apple's AirPods Pro go for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live's jugular with new deal

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Apple's AirPods Pro go for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live's jugular with new deal
While it's definitely hard to argue with the value proposition of Samsung's first noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds, the design of the Galaxy Buds Live is likely to make plenty of people consider paying extra for Apple's less off-putting and equally impressive AirPods Pro.

Released more than nine months ago, these bad boys are normally priced at 250 bucks, compared to the freshly unveiled "Galaxy Bean Buds", which you can purchase in exchange for only $170. But that's where retailers like Amazon and Best Buy come in, not to mention various veteran eBay vendors and even major US carriers, bringing the AirPods Pro price lower and lower with greater and greater frequency.

The newest Best Buy deal looks an awful lot like an Amazon promotion we told you about just yesterday, shaving the same exact $55 off the aforementioned MSRP of the white-only AirPods Pro. Once again, you won't be getting the true wireless earbuds in brand-new condition, but the Geek Squad program guarantees your "certified refurbished" units will be fully functional and essentially flawless-looking, having cleared a "thorough, painstaking, and loving" testing process.

Check out the deal here

In case you're wondering, Amazon's renewed units have gone up in price in the last 24 hours, so this is by far the greatest deal currently available on Apple's AirPods Pro in fully working condition from a retailer as reliable as Best Buy.

At $195, these things are still considerably costlier than a brand-new pair of Galaxy Buds Live, not to mention the non-ANC-supporting Samsung Galaxy Buds+. But we're pretty sure many iPhone owners are likely to put a much greater deal of trust in Apple's active noise cancellation technology, as well as the overall audio quality of the AirPods Pro, both of which were indeed found to be impressive in our in-depth review.

The battery life, meanwhile, is good but not great, starting at 4.5 hours on a single charge and going up to "more than" 24 hours when also taking the bundled wireless charging case into consideration.

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