Best wireless earbuds to buy in 2024

Best wireless earbuds to buy in 2024
True wireless Bluetooth earbuds have become an essential part of the everyday lives of, well, everyone. Typically, I'd say techies, but so many of us are using wireless earbuds on a daily basis, that it would be unfair. Everyone, ranging from runners to audiophiles, can take advantage of a solid pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

But what happens when you need a new pair? You might've misplaced your old ones or they simply might've gotten too old. Or hey, maybe this is your first purchase for Bluetooth earbuds, and if so: congrats! But fair warning: the choice is not easy.

Why? Well, multiple great brands release awesome earbud models each year, sometimes even several at a time. That makes it really easy to get lost in the traffic, kind of stuck in choice paralysis. Which TWC BT earbuds should you get? Why?

Well, we're here to help out. We've done the digging and the reading, and the testing and now, we're ready to list off the best options for you, just like we do with the best phones out there. All you need to do is check these offerings for wireless earbuds out and make your choice.

These are the best earbuds that you should buy in 2023:

Sony WF-1000XM4

If you start digging around for opinions on this model from Sony, it won't take you long to get the impression that they are simply excellent. Save for their awful name, but that's Sony logic for you! With their case, they can provide you with two full charges of listening time, amounting to 16 hours of active playback. They also have an IPX4 rating, which is enough for everyday wear (as long as you don't drop them in water). 

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Sony WF-C700N

You already found out what Sony is capable of from the model above, so why the inclusion of these ones? Simple: because they look way better and some people care about that. Not only that, but for the price of -1 hour of battery (as in, the total becomes 15, with the charging case) you get way more comfort too. Sony has outright created the 700N with everyday wear in mind. But you know what? You still get excellent noise cancellation. 

Sony WF-C500

Here's a cheaper alternative of the 700Ns! So you get the excellent sound, all the control in the world, some dynamic adjustments to ensure that you are hearing quality music at optimal settings, comfort, unique colors... What's the downside? Well, it's not the battery, as it has gone up to 20 hours of total playback time (with the charging case) and these even support fast pair! 

Now, the audiophiles among you can definitely spot some minor inconsistencies in the dynamic soundscape (when compared to the XM4 especially), but if you aren't listening to remasters of old prog metal albums, you will likely be completely fine with this choice. 

Apple AirPods 3

Given the fact that we've got Apple to blame for kickstarting the entire wireless headphones revolution, the company better be making some awesome erbuds! And you know what? Apple dares you to call them out again with the AirPods 3. These are the latest and greatest from the Big A and they offer a wide range of options, an impressive sounscape and tons upon tons of extra features (with more coming via updates to this day). 

Here's the thing: you can absolutely use these with an Android phone. Btu the real magic happens if you are an iPhone user, so take that into consideration. Oh, and the price tag too. Don't give us that look: they sound great and that's the priority here! 

If you want more juicy details, check out our review here!

AirPods Pro 2

So, let's make this really simple: if you are knees deep in the Apple ecosystem — which we can't blame you about at all — then there's simply no other better pair of earbuds that you can get. These unlock extra options with your iTech and offer outstanding sound quality and tuning capabilities. That being said, they will absolutely work with your Android phone just fine... But it won't feel like a complete package.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are probably the most accessible and fairly priced earbuds on the market. Even if you are looking for exceptional sound quality, the difference that the Buds 2 Pro offer when compared to, let's say the Sony XM4, isn't that big when you take the price difference in consideration. The battery life is excellent, same can be said about ANC and they are IPX7 resistant too, for extra protection. 

Want us to spill the beans? We already have right here, in our review

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

"I just want a pair of earbuds that sound great, last a long time and I can use daily, without thinking about it too much (or spending too much."

Did you heavily resonate with the statemetn above? Then just get the Galaxy Buds 2. This is the perfect package in terms of a price-to-performance ratio. Battery life? Exceptional. Protection? Yes. ANC? Absolutely. AKG-tuned sound? Yes. 

But you can also learn all about what that means here, in our review.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3

If you want to stand out, then these are a top-pick. But wait, who cares about that? These offer truly exceptional sound! And given that Sennheiser makes them, it would only make sense for that to be the case. For the price, you also get adaptive ANC, an IPX4 rating and up to 28 hours of playback time. Oh, and wireless charging! If sound quality is a priority for you, then make sure to check these out before making the final call. 

Bose QuietComfort II Earbuds

Now, this is a pair of high-end earbuds. These come with seamless navigation enabled through touch panels, an IPX4 rating and — of course — awesome sound. Now, that being said, 12 hours of playback time, which falls down to just 6 without the case, is a total bummer. Not only that, but their design is... Unique. Check out a few pics online to ensure that the size doesn't bother you. But hey — the pair is Qi compatible, so that's nice! 

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TWBK

A solid pair of earbuds from another legendary brand, with another insane name. Well, at least they sound absolutely amazing, especially if you are into low-end heavy, bassy tunes. If that sounds great to you, then you should know that these buds are utter champs in the battery department: 45 hours of playback time with the case, 15 on a single charge. That's simply nuts! 

What key features should you consider when shopping for wireless earbuds?


Let's start with one of the most important things to consider - your budget. Thankfully nowadays, in this wonderful new year of 2023, you don't have to spend a fortune in order to get a great pair of wireless earbuds.

With that in mind, we've included options for any budget in this article, so whether you want a convenient pair for a low price that will get the job done, or you can can afford something more premium - you'll surely find the best wireless earbuds for yourself.


Besides the price, something you definitely need to consider is what's the phone in your pocket. If it's an Android phone, you may want to stay away from Apple's AirPods, as they have features (most notably Spatial Audio) that simply won't work unless you have an iPhone. Certain models of earbuds work best when paired with phones by their own brand, like Apple and Samsung.


Fit and comfort is another thing - some people report getting irritated when using earbuds with rubber ear tips (which is most of them), and for that reason, we've included options without rubber tips, which are less likely to cause discomfort after listening to music for a long time.

A downside of not having rubber ear tips is usually less passive noise isolation. As there are no tips to seal your ear, your music may bleed out, and outside noise - come in. But even so, if comfort matters, earphones without rubber ear tips are good to consider.

Battery life

Furthermore - let's consider battery life. It's safe to say that most of the options we have here will last you well into a second week on just a single charge, if you don't listen to music that often.

But if you're working out for long hours everyday, or just plan on using them at work full-time, you'll want some of the options with longer battery life. In addition, if you like the convenience of wireless charging, look for earbuds with wireless charging cases.

We've included such noise cancelling wireless earbuds in our list, with both many hours of battery life, and the option of wireless charging.

Water resistance

Speaking of workouts, IP ratings for water resistance (often misunderstood as meaning "waterproof") are something you should pay attention to if you're someone who may be exposed to rain or tends to sweat during workouts, as your earbuds will need to have an appropriate IP rating to withstand that.

Once again, we've included the IP ratings in our picks, where applicable. And the good news is that most people likely won't need to worry about those, yet even still - most modern earbuds have water resistance (usually just the earbuds, not the actual case, so protect it either way).

Noise canceling

Active noise cancellation, also known as active noise cancelling or ANC, is a very popular feature in wireless earbuds nowadays, and for good reason. It aims to actively block out outside noise while you're wearing your earbuds, be that the rumbling of cars outside or the clacking of keyboard keys and chatter in your office.

If you want to block the noise around you while listening to your music, you'll want to make sure that you've chosen earbuds with active noise cancellation. They're not all equal in how strong the ANC gets, but certain popular brands like Sony, Samsung and Apple are usually considered among the best, and are a safe bet.

Virtual assistants

When buying new earbuds, you'll also want to pay attention to whether they have support for summoning a virtual assistant (most do nowadays, but still check) and which one - Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, or all? The manufacturer's site should say.

Spatial Audio or Dolby Atmos support

On the topic of software features, certain headphones have support technologies that enhance the sound further than their default state. The two most common (and notable) technologies are Dolby Atmos, and Apple's Spatial Audio.

If you choose earbuds that support those, you can expect wider and bigger, more immersive sound when enabling the features. For many users, they can make movie watching and music listening a better, more exciting experience. Obviously, though, if you want the flattest possible sound for listening to jazz or classical music accurately, you won't need those features.

Microphone quality

Since 2020, a lot of people have started working remotely and using their earbuds to make video and phone calls, for which having a good microphone is also something to keep in mind.

That's one area where it's reasonable to say wireless earbuds aren't exactly on par with wired ones just yet, but most do deliver good voice clarity when using them for calls. Pay attention to any voice calling features, such as voice isolation, and wind resistance, that some earbuds may have - usually the more premium ones.

Sound quality

Now we have to also consider the obvious - the sound quality of your chosen earbuds. It's not exactly possible to convey what any of those earbuds sound like, and even less - to know what each individual prefers.

The majority of consumers to prefer the bassier earbuds that make music more exciting (usually at the cost of clarity in the mids), and the good news is - most earbuds, even the cheapest ones, lean in that direction. If you want flat, studio-grade sound for critical listening, however, you will need to be prepared to spend more on a premium set of wireless earbuds.

Passive noise isolation

Noise isolation also plays a role in a user's perceived sound quality, so a set of earbuds with rubber ear tips, that will seal your ear while listening to music, will deliver clearer sound and stronger bass. As mentioned earlier, though, rubber ear tips may irritate a small number of people's ears after long listening sessions, so choosing the right pair is a balancing act between sound quality and comfort.

If something specific...

... is what you need, then make sure to check out these lists too:

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