Thursday´s News Bits

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Thursday´s News Bits
  • Android will power Sprint´s first 4G cell phone? The rumor goes the carrier will roll out a cell phone in 2010 that will be able to utilize high-speed cellular networks and it´s possible that it runs Google´s operating system. The word also has it the handset will be probably manufactured by Samsung. (source: Android and Me)

  • Motorola gives up on the LiMo. The company is one of the foundation members of the institution that is supposed to pioneer a Linux-based operating system. Obviously, the manufacturer has too many irons in the fire with all the Android-based devices in the works that seem to have occupied the best part of its time and resources. This seems like a credible assumption, given the recent announcement of the company that they cannot be bothered with Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets. (source: PC World)

  • The Toshiba TG01 is yet another phone to get itself an update to Windows Mobile 6.5. The software pack can be downloaded via the European website of the manufacturer that happens to be in German only, although an English version of the update itself is also available. (source: SlashPhone)

  • Yet more on Toshiba: The rumor has it the K01, K02 and L1 have been silently announced at CEATEC 2009. Some time ago we told you about the plans of the manufacturer to release no less but 5 devices equipped with Snapdragon CPUs. The pictures from the event showcase cell phones that look similar to the K01, K02 and L1, although the handsets got announced under different names. The manufacturer, however, has not breathed a word on them yet. (source: AkihabaraNews)

  • A giant Éclair has arrived at Google´s US head-quarters. Until recently, the same spot featured a goliath Donut that had turned up just a few days before the official release of the Android update with the same name. So, is it sunny with the chance of eclairs at Google we wonder? It´s still too early to tell. The video below is, allegedly, made with an Android cell phone, so it´s possible the team is dry-running a new model. (source: TechCrunch)


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