Reddit user purportedly reveals a lot of juicy info on Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch

Reddit user purportedly reveals a lot of juicy info on Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch
Ladies and gents, we are T minus three days from Samsung’s formal announcement of the “next big thing”, although some of you may find it hard to maintain a healthy level of excitement considering everything that’s already etched in stone about the Galaxy Note 9.

But believe it or not, even after Samsung let the cat out of the baga couple of times, there was still plenty of inside information left to be revealed on Reddit. A user claiming to be “very close with a Samsung national trainer” listed a number of things “you might’ve not read about yet” on the message board platform on Sunday, and indeed, there are a few interesting nuggets to discuss.

First, it seems those who pre-order the Note 9 will be able to choose between a previously leaked Fortnite “gaming package” gift and a free pair of premium wireless noise cancelling headphones from Samsung subsidiary AKG. Better yet, you could even get both in exchange for a grand total of $99. And mind you, we’re talking AKG headphones reportedly worth a whopping $299 by themselves.

As far as that enhanced S Pen is concerned, you’ll apparently get the freedom to pick whatever color suits you best. A mere 40 seconds of charging will offer a solid 30 minutes of autonomy, and a dedicated shutter button will “flip camera mode” with a double tap.

Speaking of the “new” camera, this may not be identical to the rear-facing shooter on the Galaxy S9+ after all, supporting AI technology for smart scene detection and optimization, as well as showing “speech bubbles” when detecting snapshot imperfections. Last but not least, even though it’s expected to sport a slightly larger screen than the Note 8, the Galaxy Note 9 should fit in the exact same cases as its predecessor.

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But wait, there’s more. A Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch is also tipped to see daylight on Thursday, and unlike 2016’s Gear S3, it could suit both men and women with 46 and 42 mm sizes. That’s men and women with gigantic wrists, of course, but shockingly enough, the new smartwatch is rumored to ditch its forerunner’s MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology, thus relying exclusively on NFC capabilities for Samsung Pay support.

The “bigger sized” watch is purportedly “similar” to the Gear Sport in footprint, despite coming with a larger screen, and it might boast up to 7 days of endurance between charges. A new rose gold color is also in the pipeline, and 40 different workout modes could be supported, up from a mere 10 on the Gear S3.

source: Reddit

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