Leaked Note 9 retail box lists larger display, 4000mAh battery, 'remote control' S Pen

Leaked Note 9 retail box lists larger display, 4000mAh battery, 'remote control' S Pen
In Soviet Russia devices release themselves, and Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is no exception, it seems. After the new Duo wireless charger launched itself in flesh and blood in Moscow stores, now the Note 9 shows up for the camera, retail box and all. The alleged wrapper of the most anticipated Samsung phone for the season clearly depicts all the specification details we have been discussing for the last few weeks, confirming a few very important tidbits.

First off, the Note 9 is listed with a 6.4" display, against the 6.3" in the official Note 8 specs. This might have something to do with the alleged more refined Infinity Display design with a tad slimmer bezel, or could be a different type of rounding, though the rules are pretty set on that. We did have CAD dimensions sent to us not long ago, and made a render out of them showcasing a tad shorter and wider handset, so that might be it. Let's not forget that recent rumors pegged the Galaxy S10+ display to grow to 6.4 inches in order to chase the eventual iPhone X Plus diagonal, so that might be the panel we are looking at here.

Furthermore, the leaked box which, according to the tweet has simply been chillaxing in the store's warehouse in Moscow waiting for the official pre-order announcement, confirms a 4000 mAh battery. Samsung's leaked promo video of the Note 9 has long battery life as one of its key points so that ties up nicely. 

Another new feature will be the 128GB basic storage, compared to the Note 8's 64GB, which shouldn't be reflected in the price at launch, too. The camera setup seems to be the one from the Galaxy S9+, though probably with some craftier algorithms thrown in as enhancements. AKG-anointed stereo speakers and earphones round up the pretty picture, as well as IP68 water-tight certification, iris scanning, and wireless charging to go with the new Duo pad.

Last but not least, the box mentions a digital stylus S Pen with what we can translate from Russian to be "remote control," and ties up nicely with the rumors that the new Bluetooth-enabled stylus will let you unlock the phone, control your stereo, and even shooter games, so we can't wait to hear more at Samsung's event in New York next week.

source: @dryab (Twitter)

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