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California leaking: Shocking iPhone 14 leak, but will it stop you buying iPhone 13?

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California leaking: Shocking iPhone 14 leak, but will it stop you buying iPhone 13?
As you might know, the iPhone 13 is becoming official on Tuesday, September 14. Thanks to the narrower notch, we expect to see a refreshed front look, with faster and better Face ID; Portrait Mode for video, Astrophotography, bigger batteries, new colors, and more.

It's safe to say the iPhone 13 "California streaming" event is the biggest smartphone event of the year, but ironically, another iPhone is stealing the show - the freshly-leaked iPhone 14! Before we move on, let's take a look at how the iPhone 14 series will compare to the iPhone 13:

Is this really the iPhone 14 and is the design finialized?

According to Jon Prosser, the iPhone 14 renders and information are based on "real images and schematics", just like with the Pixel 6, which he leaked way back and turned out to be identical to the final product (Googleapproved).

For starters, Prosser's made it clear that the iPhone 14 renders we have are for the iPhone 14 Pro models. More specifically, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. As seen by Apple's most recent strategy (iPhone 12 series), the biggest iPhone seems to remain Apple's biggest priority - it's going to be the best iPhone money can buy.

In a nutshell, Prosser claims the iPhone 14 and the new addition, the iPhone 14 Max, will keep the notch from the iPhone 13 series and likely the lower 60Hz refresh rate, too, amongst other (smaller) compromises.

That makes the redesigned iPhone 14 renders much more believable, and also makes for a good theory, given the fact that Apple usually goes through as many cycles as possible before a major redesign.

Furthermore, we've been hearing rumors about certain aspects of the iPhone 14, which Prosser's leak revealed, for a long while. For example, the iPhone 4-like stainless steel frame and Galaxy S21-ish punch hole camera cutout were rumored a while ago. So, really, Prosser isn't alone in his claims.

iPhone 14: It has two punch hole cutouts instead of one? What?!

However! It is indeed extremely early to be 100% sure this is Apple's very final design choice. Why?

  1. It's believed that an iPhone design isn't finalized until about springtime of the respective year of release.
  2. There are rumors of a slightly different twist on the punch hole design on the iPhone 14 floating around the internet.

Although Prosser says Face ID will stick around and be hidden under the display of the iPhone 14, it's pretty safe to assume that's going to be difficult to pull off. So, if this doesn't happen, what are Apple's other options?

Luckily, we might have an answer! Leaked display panel images from ShrimpApplePro (Twitter) point towards a completely different approach to "hiding" Face ID, and this is by… not hiding it.

That's right! According to the source, if Apple was to hide Face ID under the display, they would wait and hide the camera too, instead of leaving it out, as shown on Prosser's leaks. Does that make sense? Probably.

My personal take here is this:

Apple likes when you're able to see the iPhone from a mile and recognize it. The notch we've seen since the iPhone X has become sort of iconic at this point. Therefore, going for a single camera cutout (as shown on Jon Prosser's leaks) is very… not Apple. There are dozens of Android flagships that feature similar punch hole designs.

Although this makes the iPhone 14 double-cutout design actually logical, we still can't be a 100% sure. Is it going to be a single or a double punch hole? Not 100% certain. However, it's 100% certain that the double cutout design would make the iPhone 14 Pro stand out way more and retain that iconic look, which is a tradition for iPhones and Apple.

According to the source from Twitter:

  • LGD (LG Displays) is testing two iPhone 14 Pro screens - a 6.1-inch, and a 6.7-inch display (which checks out - that'd be the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is also backed by Prosser's information)
  • The standard iPhone 14 and bigger iPhone 14 Max are said to keep the iPhone 13 style notch.
  • The source claims the iPhones don't even have "factory names" yet, so he prefers to call it the 2022 iPhone for now instead of the iPhone 14.

Of course, the very final option here is that Apple decides to scrap Face ID altogether in favor of in-screen Touch ID, which would be… incredible! However, as of now, there are no indications of this happening. Despite the fact that it'd make Apple's job way easier and make many users happy, in-screen Touch ID will mean Apple is saying: "We were wrong about Face ID", and again - that's not very Apple.

Ultimately: Why are Apple's iPhones leaking... heavily?

The conclusion here isn't going to be about the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, or iPhone 15. If we leave all of that aside, it seems like Apple has major problems. And no, they are not related to "where to hide Face ID" or how to make the iPhone better.

California is leaking. Apple is leaking. Big time. It's unprecedented to see a supposed iPhone 14 design (in great detail) when the iPhone 13 isn't even out yet, which itself was heavily leaked already (in great, great detail).

Is there a solution to this? The easiest thing to say would be: ”Just tighten the control, Apple! Catch the leakers!” But that’s way easier said than done. There are so many stages of the smartphone production from idea to launch that it must be extremely hard to keep stuff from leaking.

It’s not just an Apple problem either. Perhaps Tim Cook and company should adopt a similar strategy to that of some Android companies. For example, Huawei and OnePlus release a ton of teasers ahead of product launches. Or take Google, which already pre-announced the heavily-leaked Pixel 6, and made “pre-announcements” a thing?!

In the end, on a slightly more personal note:

Our job as tech journalists is to report on what's happening, and we can't skip keeping you updated. However, as tech enthusiasts, and I believe I'm speaking for most of the team here at PhoneArena, it's rather unfortunate that the excitement around big events like the ones for the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and Pixel 6 is somewhat taken away by all kinds of leaks. It's a peculiar situation from our perspective. 

Anyway, at least there's plenty of action to cover, so both us and you are entertained. So, please, let us know: How do you feel about leaked iPhone 14, and will it affect your decision for upgrading?

Given the current leaks, would you skip iPhone 13 and wait for a year to get the iPhone 14 Pro?

Yes! It's pretty much an all-screen iPhone! I also want the new camera system.
Not sure. I might keep my current phone.
No. I'm tempted to jump on the iPhone 13 Pro and the 120Hz ProMotion display.

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