Forget the iPhone 13, here's what the notchless iPhone 14 could look like

Forget the iPhone 13, here's what next year's iPhone 14 could look like
The iPhone 13 is scheduled to be announced on September 14, but the new devices could be outdated before sales even start thanks to an unprecedented leak from Jon Prosser that reveals what Apple’s 2022 iPhone 14 Pro Max might look like.

This is allegedly Apple's notchless iPhone 14 Pro Max

Potentially representing the second major iPhone redesign since the iPhone X was introduced in 2017, the next-generation iPhone 14 looks set to bid adieu to the controversial notch and hello to a floating cutout, similar to the ones found on recent Samsung flagships.

The latter houses what seems to be the front-facing camera, signaling that Apple isn't quite ready to adopt the under-screen camera technology that Samsung included on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as recently as last month.

It's unclear where the Face ID setup is, however. Perhaps the Cupertino giant has the confidence in under-screen tech to move that feature beneath the display, or maybe it's being removed entirely in favor of under-screen Touch ID. The latter seems highly unlikely, though. 

Either way, if Apple moves forward with this design, it'd arguably stand out less than its current models. The Android world is full of single punch-hole smartphones, so Apple might find itself relying on its brand recognition more than ever to stand out from the crowd. 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max could be a modern iPhone 4

In addition to the changes up front, Apple is reportedly planning several design tweaks on the rear and sides. For one, the stainless steel frame that Pro users have become accustomed to is being switched out for a titanium construction.

Much like the iPhone 4, which was released in 2010, this iPhone 14 Pro Max model could use circular buttons on the side. The rear glass, which is once again glossy and sits on top of the Apple logo, is expected to extend over the sides a little and sit on top of the antenna bands too, another iPhone 4-like design choice. 

What about the all-important camera bump? Well, Apple won't be changing its winning formula too drastically, but some tweaks are planned. Specifically, Apple will be doing away with the bump entirely and going with a completely flat look made possible by increased device thickness.

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There's no word on the internal specifications yet, so speculating about potential features is worthless. Those of you expecting a USB-C port or portless iPhone will be disappointed, though, because it looks like the Lightning port is sticking around for another generation.

Before anyone asks, Apple hasn't finalized colors. Prosser claims to have seen images of the gold model, while every other color in the renders above and below is for representation purposes only.

Is this iPhone 14 design leak real?

As with all leaks, it's worth taking everything above with a pinch of salt. While Prosser has a decent track record, Apple doesn’t usually nail down iPhone designs until six months before launch, so changes could still be made.

It could also be a repeat of 2019 when Apple was considering multiple iPhone 11 designs at the same time. The one seen today could be one of several, meaning there's no guarantee the final iPhone 14 models will use this look. 

Nevertheless, Prosser has expressed confidence. His source believes that while it's a very early unit and dimensions and colors may change, the overall design will make it all the way to mass production next fall. That same source is responsible for recent Apple products like the iPad mini 6 and Apple Watch Series 7.

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