Huawei rings in the new year with celebration message tweeted from an iPhone

Huawei rings in the new year with celebration message tweeted from an iPhone
Huawei had a rollercoaster of a year, arguably starting 2018 off on the wrong foot when the US government essentially prohibited the AT&T and Verizon launch of the otherwise impressive (and popular) Mate 10 Pro.

Despite escalating tension with President Trump and reports of looming European trouble as well, the Chinese smartphone maker somehow managed to surpass Apple in global shipments, crossing sales of 200 million units with time to spare this past year.

Looking ahead, the company (realistically) expects to snatch the worldwide crown from Samsung... even though its employees seem to have trouble parting ways with their precious iPhones.

Believe it or not, the old “Twitter for iPhone” tag has surfaced again in the unlikeliest of places. Specifically, in an otherwise harmless and generic end-of-year tweet posted by Huawei Technologies on December 31.

First noticed by popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee (who else?), the celebratory message was deleted and replaced with an exact copy published from a different device. Interestingly, Huawei tried to make lemonade out of lemons by replying to @MKBHD with a message of peace and harmony, highlighting the company likes to invest in and build “open platforms to work with customers, partners and even competitors globally.”

That’s all well and good, but you can’t really own up to a mistake that way and then attempt to trick the collective memory with the aforementioned switcheroo play. Either you embrace your competition or... encourage an Apple boycott meant to settle a score with US authorities.

All in all, it sounds like someone might get fired, although these goofs seem to happen so often lately that social media managers should think of adding them to their standard contracts under unpunishable offenses. 

Samsung has dropped the ball multiple times recently, Apple kind of, sort of did the same a couple of weeks back, while Wonder Woman herself once tweeted a Huawei endorsement from an iPhone.


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