Best iPad Pro deals in 2024: top offers on the most popular iPad Pro models

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Best iPad Pro deals available right now
Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a student who needs serious horsepower, or a just person who’s all about Apple tech, the iPad Pro is arguably the best choice you can possibly make. Regardless of their screen size, the iPad Pros are long established as some of the best tablets on the market.

Are you looking for a new iPad Pro at a cheap price? Seek no further! Here, we’ve included top promotions on all iPad Pro models from iPad Pro 2020 onwards. We've even included promotions on iPad Pro from 2020. Stay with us to find the best price for an iPad Pro right now. 

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In 2023, Apple launched its latest iPhone series. However, the brand left iOS tablet users waiting. This year, Apple is expected to “right that wrong” by introducing refreshments along its entire tablet lineup. Naturally, this includes the 11-inch iPad Pro, which will become known as the 5th Gen iPad Pro (2024), the successor of the 4th Gen 11-inch iPad Pro from 2022.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (7th Gen)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (7th Gen)

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The upcoming model will supposedly feature Apple’s M3 chipset alongside an all-new OLED screen. Other speculations hint at possible new software features and MagSafe charging. All of these speculated upgrades, as could be expected, will possibly lead to an increased price, and not just for the 11-inch model but on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024) as well.

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Initial speculations via X hinted that the possible price hike could lead to the 11-inch model costing about twice as much as the M2-powered 11-inch iPad Pro (2022).

However, those speculations are no longer flying around, with the new rumors suggesting the upcoming smaller-sized Pro iOS tablet could cost about $160 more than the 2022-released model. In other words, Apple’s iPad Pro (2024) price will probably start at less than $1,000 (but not much less).  

If the latest rumors are correct, we may have to prepare for about a 15% price increase on the larger-sized M3-powered iPad Pro expected to be released this year. For context, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2022) started at $1,099.

iPad Pro (2022) deals

Up to this point, Apple’s most powerful tablets are the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2022) beasts powered by M2. With this chipset inside, these bad boys pack some serious horsepower. You also get 120Hz refresh rates, dependable battery life, plus a fantastic quad-speaker system. Until the 2024 iPad Pro models with an OLED screen hit the market, the 2022-released models are the top-of-the-line iOS tablets.

Since these have been out and about for a couple of years now, we’re seeing some deals across different retailers like Target and Amazon. Believe it or not, even AT&T offers the iPad Pro at a cheap price, allowing you to get the most out of your investments. Let’s get into detail.

(4th Gen) iPad Pro 11-inch (2022): save 17% on accessory

If you want your new iPad Pro with a powerful M2 chipset and an 11-inch screen with a keyboard, we suggest choosing Target. The retailer currently has an online-only offer that lets you bundle your Apple tablet with its compatible keyboard and save 17% on the accessory.

The best iPad Pro promotions with a carrier plan are now available at AT&T.

Save $100 on 11-inch iPad Pro (2022) at AT&T

Right now, the 11-inch iPad Pro (2022) retails at AT&T at a pretty cool price. The tablet can be yours for $25.00/mo instead of $27.78/mo, allowing you to save $100 over 36 months. An installment plan and a new line with eligible service is required.
$25 /mo
$27 78
Buy at AT&T

Save $100 on 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2022) at AT&T

The larger-sized iPad Pro from 2022 is also available at lower prices with a plan by AT&T. Similarly to the 11-inch model, this tablet arrives at $100 off over 36 months. You need to purchase an installment plan and add an eligible service in order to take advantage.
$33 34 /mo
$36 12
Buy at AT&T

And if you don't mind a refurbished item, why not pick Amazon as your trusted retailer?

(Renewed) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2022)

If you don't mind getting a renewed tablet, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 256GB of storage space is available at $123 off its price tag. The product has been tested, inspected, and refurbished in order to meet Amazon's Renewed standards.

iPad Pro (2021) deals

If you don’t want to splurge on the latest M2-powered beasts, why not opt for one of the 2021-released iPad Pros? These might be getting somewhat old, but we should keep in mind their M1 chipset inside, which makes them quite powerful. With premium metal and glass design, a fantastic LCD screen, top-notch speakers, and all-day battery life, the iPad Pro (2021) may be older but is just as powerful as its successor. 

Then again, the best thing about the 2021-released iPad Pro is that it’s undoubtedly much more affordable than the 2022 iterations. Typically, retailers like Walmart and Amazon offer great deals on Apple iPad Pro models from 2021. That’s precisely where you can find the best ongoing sales on these robust iOS tablets.

12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) (Wi-Fi+cellular): 23% off on Amazon

The 5th Gen iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen from 2021 can now be yours at a 23% cheaper price. The deal is available at Amazon and applies to an untouched and unopened iPad. The device comes with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

11-inch iPad Pro (2021) (Good condition): save $159

The 3rd Gen iPad Pro from 2021 with an 11-inch screen can be yours from Walmart, so long as you're OK with purchasing a used item. The device is in good condition, meaning it has some signs of wear and tear. The model is available in Silver with 256GB of storage for a $159 cheaper price.
$615 99
Buy at Walmart

iPad Pro (2020) deals

If you’re on a tight budget but still want your tablet to have some iPad Pro features and capabilities, you can go back another year and opt for the 2020 iPad Pro models. No offers are available on a brand-new model at the time of writing. With that said, we came across some offers on refurbished models with 256GB of storage at Amazon and Walmart.

(Renewed) 11-inch iPad Pro (2020): save 27% at Amazon

Are you on a tight budget? In that case, a renewed iPad Pro from 2020 might be the better choice for you. This slate arrives at 27% off its price tag, and it's also equipped with 256GB of storage. The Apple tablet has been inspected and refurbished to meet Amazon's Renewed standards.

(Restored) 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2020): $139 off at Walmart

Walmart's deal on the restored 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2020) turned the 4th Gen tablet into a best seller. The device comes with 256GB of storage. As a restored item, it comes with an extended return period for peace of mind. The slate is now $139 cheaper.
$659 95
Buy at Walmart

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