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Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with faster charging support than expected

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with faster charging support than expected
There are a lot of things to like about the hot new iPhone 13 Pro Max, starting perhaps with its absolutely phenomenal battery life, and believe it or not, you can now add another meaningful upgrade over the already impressive iPhone 12 Pro Max to the list that Apple isn't even advertising.

We're talking no attempt to hype us up during the big product launch event back on September 14, no mention in the company's otherwise very detailed press release closely following said formal announcement, and no reference whatsoever on the handset's dedicated webpage or the official iPhone 13 Pro spec sheet over at

Instead of all that, the up to 27W charging speed supported by this year's 6.7-inch beast was revealed by a YouTube channel called ChargerLAB, which is obviously not affiliated with Apple in any way.

The fastest-charging iPhone yet

According to the aforementioned specifications published on Apple's official website, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can go from 0 to "up to" 50 percent battery capacity in "around" 30 minutes if you use a (separately sold) 20W adapter or "higher."

That's already pretty good... by Cupertino standards, but as it turns out, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can charge even faster when paired with a 30W or higher power brick. While it's hard to say how big of a difference such a charger will actually make in the real world for regular users, it's definitely worth highlighting that last year's iPhone 12 Pro Max can't go over the 22W mark.

Unfortunately, Apple's overheating precautions might cause your 13 Pro Max to fluctuate between 20 and 27W charging speeds during the same cycle, thus limiting the extent of the aforementioned upgrade compared to the 12 Pro Max. 

Your exact charging times will also depend greatly on the actual 30W or higher power adapter you'll choose to use with the new jumbo-sized handset. No, not all fast chargers are created equal (not even if they promise the exact same peak speed support), and in general, it's a good idea not to be cheap about this kind of essential and volatile stuff.

If you need some ideas, you can always consult our list of the best iPhone 13 fast chargers out there, but because said list was compiled when we thought Apple's latest handsets were limited to 20W speeds, you'll have to look elsewhere if you want to take full advantage of this newly unearthed feature.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs the competition

It's no big secret that Apple has long trailed its mobile industry rivals in this field, focusing on other areas of innovation and progress while keeping the iPhone 11 family, for instance, limited to a maximum of 18W charging speeds.

Alas, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is no exception (even at 27 watts), staying well behind the likes of the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, both of which can go all the way up to 65W with their standard Warp Charge adapter included at no extra cost for a full charge in around half an hour.


While it's somewhat pointless to compare Cupertino's global (and US) bestsellers with the 120W-equipped Xiaomi 11T Pro, it's clearly worth pointing out that Samsung's incredibly sophisticated (and very expensive) Galaxy Z Fold 3 only supports 25W charging technology (officially).

In a way, you can therefore say that Apple has managed to level the playing field against the competition that truly matters (at least in markets like the US), although it's important to also keep in mind that the Galaxy S22 Ultra (or Note 22 Ultra) is right around the corner with 45W capabilities almost certainly on deck.

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