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Wednesday´s News Bits

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Wednesday´s News Bits
  • The LG GS100 is an ultra-cheap handset that lacks camera. The device will probably be equipped with an extremely small display with native resolution of 128x128 pixels and should roll out at a price below $75. (source: LG Central)

  • Nigerian organization has embarked on a propaganda campaign based on text messages. The texts seem to be aimed at increasing the tension in a region plagued by occasional clashes and armed conflicts between Muslim and Christian groups of the population. (source: textually)

  • QuakeZones for the iPhone shows information on earthquakes happened in the last 30 years. All places with significant seismic activity are marked on Google Maps and you can clearly see the affected regions as well as those in danger. (source: JustAnotheriPhoneBlog)

  • GodFinger is a game similar to Black&White. The title is being developed by Ngmoco and Wonderland Software for the iPhone and is expected to deliver gameplay that is pretty similar to what the mentioned game for the PC with almost religious popularity offers – in a nutshell, you are a deity falling over backwards to gather as many followers as possible. Unfortunately, the information about GodFinger is still rather sketchy, but it looks like a promising game that´s worth your attention, so we will keep you informed. (source: TouchArcade)


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