Want to return that Gear VR you bought with the Note 7? Reports say Samsung won't accept it

Want to return that Gear VR you bought with the Note 7? Reports say Samsung won't accept it
So, the Note 7s are out the door and well on their way to oblivion. Samsung has made it abundantly clear that it wants all phones back, Oculus has disabled the Gear VR app on the phablet remotely, monetary incentives are offered to users that stay with Samsung. When Sammy's new Note was announced, it was sidekicked by a brand-new Gear VR headset. A pitch black model with an integrated USB Type-C adapter, advertised as being the perfect companion for your brand-new Note 7.

Of course, there are plenty of customers out there who bought into the idea of getting the latest and best of the Samsung VR experience, so they pre-ordered the Note 7 with the Gear VR bundle. However, now that the Note 7 is dead, what do you do with the Gear VR?

A Reddit user by the name of “agolightly” has reported that they have attempted to return their brand-new Gear VR, which they bought with their now returned Note 7, as they have no use for the headset anymore. However, a Samsung rep said that a refund for the Gear VR is a no go. Since the goggles can be used with other Samsung devices, which are currently available on the market, and the customer is already outside of their 30-day return window for the newly-bought goggles.

So, that's just another page to add to the jumbled mess that the Note 7 saga has become. Two recalls in and a discontinuation of a beloved line of devices, Samsung still has to do some work to set the record straight — do right by customers who have bought accessories for their new Note 7. Said customers may not want to buy another Samsung device right now, but hey — leave a positive impression and they may come back to the brand in a couple of years?

source: Reddit
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