Thursday´s News Bits

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Thursday´s News Bits
  • Man texts while driving, runs over an elderly woman and is now charged with murder. The accused Martin Kuehl is soon to stand trial, charged with murdering Martha Ovalle in what appears to be a texting while driving accident. Although he was neither writing, nor reading messages when he struck and killed the victim, he had been exchanging texts just before the tragedy occurred. The careless driver faces up to 9 years behind bars. (source: cellular-news)

  • The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic gets a software update. We do not have the list of the novelties it brings forth, but the scroll speed in Conacts Bars is said to have been increased. Well, this is an update after all, so it can´t be bad, can it? (source: nokiaAAdict)

  • RIM releases their own Twitter app on 16 November? The rumour has it the program will come with support for push alerts, unlike all other Twitter-centric applications for RIM devices to date. If the hearsay speaks true, you won´t have to manually refresh the page every time you need to check for updates. (source: Salomondrin)

  • SEVEN has announced a chat client. The so-called SEVEN Mobile Instant Messaging supports Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk as well as push alerts. The app will be officially introduced at CTIA in San Diego that takes place 7-8 October 2009. (source: CellPhoneDigest)

  • Dungeon Hunter for the iPhone boasts awesome graphics! The game is an action-oriented title that seems to feature RPG elements, since you can pick your character and customize their equipment, statistics and skills. The game is available for $6.99. (via: JustAnotheriPhoneBlog)


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