Thursday´s News Bits

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Thursday´s News Bits
  • Quantum technology is the future of cell phone cameras? The possible development of camera sensors based on quantum dots (nano-crystal made from specific class of semi-conductors) rather than silicon may lead to the development of camera sensors with improved light-sensitivity. We hope we see the technology in action soon. (source: Wired)

  • The LG GS106 and GS107 to go on sale across Ukraine soon. These are handsets with basic functionality, but they both come with built-in FM Radio that you can use without having to plug in a pair of earphones, which is not an extra feature that is common with cell phones today. (source: GSM Dome)

  • Here and Now leaves the beta stage. The application developed by Nokia provides a location-based service that gives you information about events and nearby places. A list of all supported devices can be found via the source link: Nokia Beta Labs

  • iTag will help you not to lose your Android handset. The program shows you the exact location of your cell phone, based on information from the built-in GPS. Take a look at the short video below to see what the application is capable of. (source: jkOnTheRun)



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