Here is why you shouldn't expect much from the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30)

Here is why you shouldn't expect much from the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30)
Before the Galaxy S10 series came out, it was usual for Samsung to introduce significant changes every two years. For instance, the Galaxy S9 was a lot like its predecessor, but the Galaxy S10 was a significant upgrade over it, thanks to 5G connectivity, an in-screen fingerprint reader, hole-punch display, and reverse wireless charging. The Galaxy S20 is also a massive improvement over the Galaxy S10, with a 120Hz screen, a 108MP camera, a 5,000mAh battery, and 100X Space Zoom

Of course, how these upgrades are perceived is a totally different story, but Samsung has surely delivered notable changes two years in a row. As you might have expected, it doesn't look like any major changes will be introduced with next year's Galaxy S21 (S30).

Galaxy S21 (S30) will apparently be a beefed-up version of the Galaxy S20

According to a tipster, the Galaxy S21 (S30) will only be an incremental upgrade over the S20. In fact, he believes that the phone will basically be an updated version of the Galaxy S20.

Despite its flashy specs, the Galaxy S20 is apparently not doing too well. To some extent, the coronavirus pandemic can be blamed for the low momentum. And, of course, the starting price of $999 is also a deterrent. On top of that, the average upgrade cycle has apparently increased to 26.6 months for Galaxy S fans. In short, people are now holding on to their phones for longer and thus it doesn't make sense to roll out considerable changes every year. 

Based on what we know so far, the Galaxy S21 (S30) will be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 875 chip in most parts of the world. In Europe, Samsung might use different Exynos chips for different models. Per one report, all the variants, including the US-bound ones, will be powered by the Exynos 1000 as Qualcomm's new flagship chip is expected to be ridiculously expensive. We don't really see this happening as Qualcomm makes one of the best chips in the business and it also doesn't help that Samsung's own SoCs don't have a stellar reputation.

The new lineup will likely include three models, the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra and 5G connectivity will be a default option. We can also look forward to a more impressive camera system

The upcoming Apple iPhone 12 is expected to ship without a charger and it looks like Samsung is thinking about doing the same starting with the next S series phone.

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