The Galaxy S21 (S30) could ship without a charger like the 5G iPhone 12

The Galaxy S21 (S30) could ship without a charger like the 5G iPhone 12
Reports suggest Apple may not include a charger inside the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro boxes later this year. That decision has been heavily criticized in recent days, but it turns out Samsung could soon follow in its footsteps.

Samsung may remove chargers from boxes too

Industry sources speaking to ET News claim Samsung is discussing plans to remove power adapters from some smartphone boxes with its extensive network of suppliers. The South Korean company has not made a final decision, but the changes could be implemented as soon as next year.

Samsung believes it has supplied consumers with more than enough chargers over the past decade, meaning most buyers no longer need a new charger, and shipping them with each device only creates more e-waste.

Ultimately, though, the potentially controversial decision comes down to both short-term and long-term profitability. Smartphone costs continue to grow each year and, with the introduction of 5G connectivity, things have skyrocketed recently.

The company drastically raised the prices of its flagships earlier this year to reflect these higher costs, but customers were far from impressed. By eliminating the charger from boxes, Samsung could avoid doing so again in the near future.

The Galaxy S21/S30 could be the first to ship without a charger

If Samsung moves forward with these new plans, the first devices to ship without power adapters in the box may well belong to the flagship Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 lineup that is due to arrive in early 2021.

Buyers of these smartphones are likely to have several chargers lying around from their previous purchases. These customers also tend to have more disposable income which means that, even if they don’t have an old charger, acquiring a new one shouldn’t be a massive problem.

The lack of power adapters should eventually trickle down to the entire Galaxy smartphone series, though. That should help Samsung price its smartphones more competitively, which is especially important in developing markets such as India where competition is fierce.

Another upside for the company is that it could boost sales of its official accessories. After all, despite their higher prices, many customers still prefer to use official accessories rather than third-party ones. 

Will Samsung keep or remove earphones?

There is no word on whether Samsung is also looking at removing the earbuds from its smartphone boxes. But its lineup of wireless earphones is not quite as popular as AirPods, so the company could gain a lot from doing so.

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Just like the chargers, this hypothetical removal would likely happen with high-end products first before trickling down to cheaper models.

The Galaxy Note 20 series seems safe from the move

The good short-term news is that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the latter of which recently leaked in live photos, seem to be safe from these decisions. That means both are expected to ship with wired earphones and power adapters in the box.

Of course, that does mean customers will have to cover the costs, and the reported price points seemingly reflect that.

If the leaked information is to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 should cost around €1,199 in Europe and $1,199 in the United States. The premium Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, on the other hand, is expected to retail at €1,449 in Europe and $1,449 in the United States.

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