Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exchange program in the US is a bit of a mess

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exchange program in the US is a bit of a mess
One would think that after so many official statements, news written in the media, and official notifications sent by Samsung, carriers and retailers offering the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States already know how to deal with the exchange program.

That couldn't be more wrong. We've been curious to learn how is the exchange program going in the United States, one of the countries where Samsung recalled around 1 million potential faulty Galaxy Note 7 units, so we've taken to Reddit, one of the places where customers usually express their (dis)satisfaction about various services.

We sincerely hope that these are just isolated cases, but from what we understand these may be only a fraction of the customers who were refused Galaxy Note 7 replacements for various reasons.

First of all, Samsung official recalled all Galaxy Note 7 units in the US a couple of days ago, and warned customers who own one to power them down and exchange them as soon as possible.

Secondly, in order to exchange a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 purchased before September 15, you don't need the box or the accessories that you've received with the phone. It's perfectly fine to bring just the device and you should be qualified for a free replacement or a loaner until your new Galaxy Note 7 arrives in stock.

Also, if your Galaxy Note 7 replacement unit hasn't arrived yet, since Samsung announced they will be available by September 21 the latest, the carriers or authorized retailers must provide you with another smartphone on loan, a Galaxy J, Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge.

Last but not least, all carriers in the US have been notified by Samsung that under no circumstance they should allow a customers who came in to the store to exchange the Galaxy Note 7 to return home with the device. They should provide them with a new Galaxy Note 7, a loaner, another smartphone, or a full refund.

Well, here is what some customers who bought the Galaxy Note 7 have to say about their experiences with the US exchange program.

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These are just some of the experiences many Galaxy Note 7 owners had while trying to take advantage of Samsung's exchange program.

Naturally, the percentage of people who did not have any issues exchanging their phones might be overwhelmingly positive. However, as long as just one of these exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices is still being used because a carrier refused to exchange it, someone might get injured.

It looks like carriers either don't really care about this issue or tend to minimize the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Or perhaps it's just lack of knowledge that leads to many carrier employees denying Galaxy Note 7 replacement units to those indebted to get one.

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