Replacement Galaxy Note 7 unit catches fire at Burger King, explosion caught on video

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If you've been reading the news about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the last couple of days, then you already know that it's not safe to own one, even if you've already exchanged it for a new one.

There have been several reports of supposedly safe Galaxy Note 7 units that caught fire, so if you haven't yet replaced yours with a different device, you should definitely take that into consideration.

Since the beginning of this week, several Galaxy Note 7 replacements exploded in different parts of the world. We've already reported about one such case that happened in the United States and forced the evacuation of an entire plane after a Galaxy Note 7 phone almost exploded.

Now we have another proof that owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone, old or new, is a very dangerous trait. A Galaxy Note 7 burning at Burger King in South Korea was caught on video by someone eating at the fast food. This is the second replacement Galaxy Note 7 unit that exploded in South Korea after another one was reportedly burning at Hanwha Eagles Park baseball stadium.

Imagine what could have happened if the smartphone would have caught fire while inside a purse or in a pocket. It would have probably caused major injuries to the owner and definitely ruin any clothing or accessories it would get in touch with.

Samsung has temporarily stopped Galaxy Note 7 production and many carriers in the United States have decided not to offer new replacement units to those who come to exchange the older ones. It's now recommended to switch to other smartphones or simply ask for a refund if you own a Galaxy Note 7 units, regardless whether it's a replacement or not.

source: News.Joins via SamMobile

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