Nexus Prime: what we know, and what we don't as of Oct. 7

Nexus Prime: what we know, and what we don't as of Oct. 7
Information seems to be falling into place concerning the Nexus Prime, so it seemed like a good idea to run through all of the rumors and speculation, weed out the items that are more likely true, combine separate stories into educated guesses, and generally give an idea of what we should all expect when the Nexus Prime launches sometime in the next few months. 

We'll start off with the info that cracked the code: Samsung's lawyers outing the Nexus Prime in a cease and desist letter to someone who had gotten hold of the Prime's firmware. Until this news came out, it was still all rumors as to whether the Prime would be made by HTC, LG or Samsung. Samsung was recently rumored to have been showing off the Prime at the Verizon HQ, but unfortunately there were no photos, or reliable confirmations on that point. But, now that we know the Nexus Prime is a Samsung device, it's a pretty short walk to assume that the Nexus Prime is the GT-I9250 shown in Samsung's leaked roadmap from a few weeks ago. The trouble is that the specs sited for the GT-I9250 may not be accurate, as the original leaked roadmap has been pulled and Samsung has stated that the leaked information was not accurate. Of course, now we've seen updates on the specs leaks and even video of what is expected to be the device itself running Ice Cream Sandwich.

What we know for sure

This is still a pretty short list right here, but getting longer. What we know for sure about the Nexus Prime: 

  1. It's a Samsung device
  2. It will be the first phone on the market running Ice Cream Sandwhich, which will be Android 4.0
  3. It will be 802.11n compliant
  4. It will have a Super AMOLED HD (720x1280) screen - this piece of info has been repeated so many times and we had put it in a lower category, but if it isn't true, Google will have a geek riot on its hands. This rumor was part of Samsung's leaked roadmap, has been sent out as a tweet from Samsung Romania in July, confirmed by Korean news, and by the eye-witness rumors at the Verizon headquarters. Screen resolution has been one of the slower moving parts in Android handsets. CPUs are faster, storage is bigger, cameras are better, but many handsets still use the same 400x800 displays although qHD has started to make a push. If nothing else, this screen is the leading feature on what Google has always held as its pace car device for the Android ecosystem. The resolution and type of screen has essentially been confirmed, although the size is still under a bit of debate.
  5. The screen will be curved - we saw this in the recent teaser video of the Prime.
  6. It will have dock connectors - also in the teaser.
  7. It will have NFC - we saw an app list for the Nexus Prime, and although that's not a smoking gun, it's good enough for this feature.
  8. It will have facial recognition, which we know because Google flat out said it. 
  9. Capacitive function buttons vs virtual buttons - this one seems like a done deal for virtual buttons, and we have seen enough photo proof to give it the pass. Given the likely display size, and the fact that ICS will be merging the best of Honeycomb to Gingerbread, virtual buttons seem like a certainty, but many people just don't like virtual buttons. 
  10. It will be coming to Verizon, this again is part of the app list linked above, which shows Verizon apps. It's expected that the Prime will come as a timed exclusive for Verizon, but that falls into a lower category.
  11. It will have a TI OMAP 4460 CPU. We have seen enough spec leaks to confirm this, now it's just a matter of what clock speed it will be. Although since we know the chip make, that means we can also confirm the GPU as the SGX540 found on the OMAP 4460 SoC. 

Some may say that they can confirm other aspects of the device, but right now we're setting a high standard for confirmed true information, and that means just these things. We need to have seen it in reputable photos, or seen proof that the technology is really ready, like the Super AMOLED HD screen, which we've also seen in the slightly-larger-than-the-Nexus-Prime Samsung Galaxy Note.

Things that are very likely true

We do know a number of things about the Nexus Prime that haven't yet been confirmed, but seem safe enough to say based on reports and our understanding of Google and the history of Nexus devices. We'll start with the easy stuff:

  1. It will be available on T-Mobile at launch - T-Mo is a Nexus standard both because of its history with Google and stock Android devices, but also because it is GSM and a T-Mo model can also be a launched on many carriers around the world. It is very possible that Sprint will also have the device at launch because of its increasingly close relationship with Google, but no Nexus device has launched on any carrier other than T-Mobile in the US, but it's looking more and more likely that will not be the case this time around. UPDATE: We're still betting the Nexus Prime will be on T-Mo when it launches as an official Nexus device, but new rumors have the Prime launching first as the Samsung DROID Prime on Verizon.
  2. It will have at least 16 GB of internal storage - this is a trend that Google started trying to push with the Nexus S, but has been slow to filter out to the rest of the Android ecosystem. Google wants users to stop having to rely on SD storage for apps, and that means more internal storage. We don't see Google moving backwards from the 16 GB of internal storage that was available in the Nexus S, and there is a possibility that the storage will be even bigger, as the latest rumors have it packing 32 GB of storage.
  3. It will have a 1.5 GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 - quad-core was a dream, but won't be ready for this release window, and Samsung's Exynos processors have yet to hit 1.5 GHz. We know the make of the chip, it's the clock speed we don't know, because we've heard rumors of both 1.2 GHz and 1.5. 
  4. Availability on Verizon - as we mentioned when we first reported the story, the rumor was that Samsung was showing off the Nexus Prime at Verizon HQ, that's all. There was no indication at all that Verizon would be carrying the phone aside from the unsubstantiated speculation added on by many other tech sites. No Nexus device has ever made it to Verizon, in fact there have been almost no stock Android phones on Verizon at all. Verizon is no fan of the added features in stock Android, and its also not a fan of Android phones that don't come preloaded with Verizon's favorite bloatware. That said, if Verizon can get past the idea of a phone with no bloatware, Google seems willing to concede free tethering and WiFi hotspot functions as those functions of stock Android were recently removed on the Nexus S with the 2.3.5 update. UPDATE: It looks like Verizon won't be getting the Nexus Prime, but will be launching its own variant exclusively before the Nexus Prime. Verizon's variant will be called the Samsung DROID Prime. The new rumors have claimed this will be a complete exclusive for Verizon, but we're still not sold on that. More likely, it will be a timed exclusive for about a month, then the other major carriers will get the Nexus Prime.
  5. October release - we're sure that Google would probably like to hit an October release for the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich, but releases of Nexus devices have always been later than expected. The Nexus One was expected to be released for the holiday season 2009, but didn't make it out until January 2010. The Nexus S was expected to be released in time for Thanksgiving 2010, but didn't make it until December. So, Google may be aiming for an October release, but we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see that pushed to a November or even December release, besides, as we've said before, there may not be any reason for Google to rush the Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich for a manufactured head-to-head with the iPhone 4S. UPDATE: this is also a bit of a semantic issue, the Samsung Galaxy Prime will likely launch on Verizon in October, but the Nexus Prime will more likely hit other carriers in November.
  6. LTE/HSPA+ - we were surprised that the Nexus S didn't have HSPA+ support, and we'd be completely beside ourselves if it didn't exist in the Nexus Prime, but again there has been no word on what to expect as far as a radio in the device. Also, since no other carrier has been confirmed, it's hard to say whether there will be a Prime for Sprint, let alone WiMAX. There has been no word at all about AT&T getting the Nexus Prime. The main push right now is that the Nexus Prime will be on Verizon and will include an LTE radio. 
  7. The Prime will not have any bloatware - this was also something taken from the leaked app list. The worry was never that the Nexus Prime would have bloat, but that Verizon's variant would have bloatware, because that's kind of Verizon's style. But, it's looking more and more likely that won't be the case. 

Still just rumors

While that is a fairly sizable amount of info that seems good enough to take home to your mom, not all Nexus Prime info can be confirmed. 

  1. 5 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera - we're torn on this one. It's not so much that there's any reason to doubt the 5 MP rear camera, which was also part of the Samsung roadmap leak, and multiple spec rumors, it's more that we don't want it to be true. 5 MP is kind of on the fringe. Obviously, MP don't tell the whole story, but even with a larger sensor, 5MP doesn't always take the best HD video. It could be perfectly fine, but we just need more information about it to get excited. However, a 2 MP front camera would certainly be nice considering most front cameras are still VGA. 
  2. Size of display - this one has had conflicting rumors. While we are willing to say that the display will be the Super AMOLED HD, the size of the screen is harder to peg. The Samsung roadmap had it listed at 4.65", but some rumors have it as big as 4.7" or as low as 4.3". The Verizon HQ rumor had the size of the display at 4", but we're pretty sure that a Super AMOLED HD screen can't be that small because of the pixel density. 
  3. A physical QWERTY keyboard - this was one of the more interesting rumors, which came from a Twitter poet with inside ties to Verizon. The claim is that "one" of the Primes will have a QWERTY keyboard, this could very well be true, and it also does point to the Prime not being a full exclusive on Verizon, but a timed exclusive.
  4. The Prime will dock with a tablet - this is a weird rumor. The teaser video of the Prime clearly shows dock connector pins on the side of the phone and it also shows a tablet on top of the phone. Some have jumped on this to claim that the Prime will dock with a tablet. We're more of the mind that the image is more of a reference to Ice Cream Sandwich bridging the gap between Android phones and tablets, but anything is possible.
  5. Facial detection unlock - another part of the app list leak was an app called FaceLock, which seems to point to a way to unlock your phone using facial recognition rather than a password or gesture. 
  6. Chrome browser - there have been rumors floating around the Chromium boards that a full version of Chrome would be replacing the stock Android browser, and that it may even happen as soon as Ice Cream Sandwich. We're not going to hold our breath for this one though. It would be great, but there's very little to go on right now. 

Not a chance

That just leaves us with one rumor that has absolutely no chance of being true: a dedicated Google+ button. This rumor started when G+ was brand new, and people were going a little crazy. Even then, we were quick to shoot it down as ridiculous, but it seemed worth the repeat. We're certainly expecting more deeply integrated G+ features in ICS, but a dedicated G+ button will definitely not be part of the Nexus Prime. 

post image thanks to nviii-Surberus
Other images via: BGR, SlashGear

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1. gallitoking

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other than the 1.5 GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 SoC-.. i dont see anything breath taking.. A Lindsey back to rehab creates more buzz than this phone...

5. MichaelHeller

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a full 720p HD screen on a phone doesn't excite you at all?

15. The_Miz

Posts: 1496; Member since: Apr 06, 2011

Why should it? It'll just be another supposedly high end phone that won't really amount to much compared to the iPhone 5 especially with all the problems the Nexus S had.

18. twenti7

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I love how iSheep like to forget about all the problems that iPhones have has. Most notably the "death grip" on the iPhone 5, making it useless as a phone depending on how you use it.

30. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

well the death grip sold millions and how did your pretty phone sold?.... all phones have problems but not like the android phones. the also dominate in complaints... google it.. jejejeje

53. 305Bucko

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lol so I guess because the iPhone sold millions its the best??? thats how you measure success? ok, using your "success scale" if u have a look at the stats you will notice that Android handsets outsell apple worldwide. Android market share is greater than iOS. But that is not the reason I bought my "pretty little" nexus. Its cuz I got sick of not being able to view the flash vids my friends would post on fb. Not being able to watch the Daily Show Colbert report, not being able to bluetooth/bumb music.... the list is too long, in short... ur dum

64. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

listen buddy android works for you..not for me... why am I dumb.. can u androids respect people that like OS different than android.. it seems that you are dumb one.. so now your friends like you because u can view videos.. wow almost drew a tear...

130. remixfa

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gallito uses an androidphone, not an iphone. dont let him fool you. he doesnt own any iphones at all.

132. gallitoking

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jajajjaa see how in a few weeks u went from everyone thinking that you were smart ..and it took me to flush that out of you, and all of your latest comments has truly shown who you really are... dont believe me.. go back a month and you used to make sense.. now... "gallito uses an androidphone, not an iphone. dont let him fool you. he doesnt own any iphones at all.".... and for the record.. I only use my phone for calling i use my ipad2 for all may data.. .. yep dont be fooled by remixfa... aka fraud

141. remixfa

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really gallito.. whats your current smartphone? :) I use an SGS and I have an LG G-Slate. You act like a huge apple fanboy... and no, normally you make zero sense or points... and u use an android phone all day. sounds like your just here to stir up the boards.

145. remixfa

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and gallito, I havent changed. In the last weeks you have gone further and further over to hugging Miz and Taco and a full fledged apple troll. Noone has changed here except you. lol. you realize you are trolling on an android thread? Your only purpose here is to troll and incite comments. Even taco doesnt normally do that. That puts you right beside Miz and his spandex play toys.

146. remixfa

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Taco already tried this whole "lets try to make remix look like a liar" bit. its been used. it didnt work for him, and its not working for you. Your just making yourself look loonier. get a new shtick.

189. KRONeage

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There's one thing all you Apple Religious Right Zealots always forget. iPhone quit being new in 2007 and they have been playing catch up ever since to Android. Over 20 of the new features offered in iOS 5 have been taken from Android and they still haven't caught up to it in many ways even in Beta. Still no true Widgetsssss (Plural). You have a Widget screen with one Widget that also goes into suspended mode when not being used. If it's not "Live", you're always playing catch up (lagging behind). It's not even a Widget then (it's an App). It's no different than their cheap excuse for MultiTasking that iOS can't run, because it wasn't build into the kernel, like on Android. I like to rag on all you iDiots for iOS not having FLASH support. Which still isn't dead, nor will it be anytime soon. All it needed was hardware acceleration (which it got) and I've been using it since it first came on Android. Video sites are even offering HTML5 alternative, but yet traffic mapping has shown that those that can view FLASH pick it over HTML5. Hope you're happy seeing all those blank spaces where it doesn't load on iOS. I also hope you get that Apple is telling you it's fine for OS-X, but iOS users can't use it. But you iFools are the kind of people that would be happier living in the former Soviet Union under an iCommunist Dictatorship anyway! #1 Choice is very lacking in Apple's iOS devices. It's kind of like Steve Jobs's Mao Suit wardrobe and too lazy to shave attitude. Just because NeXT computer didn't get it's FLASH port in time to get Steve the school deals, he's had a hard on against FLASH, besides wanting to keep Quicktime Framework as the only hot plugable runtime available. That's with an even worse security record than..... FLASH!!! haha..... It's therefore Prime time for Nexus to again lead the way being the first mobile device with FLASH 11 loaded. That's w/ full P2P, 3D Molehill API Acceleration, that has been shown to be far better than WebGL (Apple's choosing) and like FLASH itself, still running faster and better than any non-standard HTML5 video or game application on the web. Yeah FLASH 11 is more than alive and will still PWN online games, now even more so!!!

61. firebo14

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It was sold alot because of high ads and the common people follow, there are alot. It is certainly not the best

65. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

the best in sales yes...

187. ikkuh

Posts: 42; Member since: May 22, 2011

uuuhhh...even that isn't true. there at least 10 phones that sold better in history. nr 1 is still the Nokia 1100 (250 million)

226. ovo2011 unregistered

The razr sold the best does that mean its the best no.... and more android device where sold then ios device so by ur scale its the best os....... dang macfag troll

191. OB unregistered

Iphones sell because morons buy into whatever is popular and what the person beside them buys.. yeah iphone was great.. in 08.. there's nothing amazing or jaw dropping about the crappy 4 other than the retina display and omg new software on the 5.. and practically every issue on a droid can be fixed consumers just dont want to bother trying and I'm a tech. The best carrier around which I'll keep unanomous but Iphones have multiple issues aswell.

209. taz89

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more sales does not mean better,,,just means more popular...

42. The_Miz

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Oh WOW, ONE problem compared to the numerous problems main Android phones have. And big deal, if you kept your iphone in a case, like anyone should with a smartphone, it never happened.

51. PotDragon

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How would you know MIz? You never had an iphone 4. Or the case for one.

96. Madden unregistered

No Miz....sorry....but cases are for pusssiesss only....LmFao!!!!

103. The_Miz

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And Madden NFL is the crappiest football game in history.

172. Adfhhfgj unregistered

Will seeing that the iPhone 5 hasn't come out yet, idk how you would know it has "death grip" issues. If you're going dis a product please know what you're talking about. -___-

55. readingthissh1t

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jesus kid. your such a n00b @ life. troll somewhere else.

70. PeterIfromsweden

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You're wrong there. The Nexus Prime is another high end phone that wont really be anything exiting compared to Wave 3 ; )

74. protozeloz

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And what features does the wave processes that will make it worth having

76. remixfa

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bada.. duh. peter is like taco.. just replace an apple logo for a bada one on anything and its the best thing ever.. lol.

165. UltraElectroMagneticPOP

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@PeterIfromsweden I just love how dedicated you are to bada. It's not really the annoying fanboy type. Just a really dedicated fanboy. LOL

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We love you when you're endlessly pushing bada, Peter, but when you start comparing hardware you just sound ignorant.

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