Ice Cream Sandwich debut moved up to October to compete with the Apple iPhone?

Ice Cream Sandwich debut moved up to October to compete with the Apple iPhone?
A source for BGR is saying that Google, possibly feeling the heat from an expected late September/early October launch of the Apple iPhone 5, is planning on moving up the release of Ice Cream Sandwich and the early devices that will be powered by the latest Android build. One possibility is that a next-gen model of the Nexus line will be the first or among the first handsets to rollout with the latest Android build.

While at this point everything pertaining to an Ice Cream Sandwich launch is mere speculation, we wouldn't be surprised to see a launch of an early Ice Cream Sandwich device on Verizon since the carrier will have a large number of ready made buyers with all of those Motorola DROID owners coming up to the 2 year anniversary of their purchase. And of course, Verizon will presumably be one of the carriers that will be offering the Apple iPhone 5 when it is launched. Google will want to re-up those Motorola DROID owners with expiring contracts before they get a gander of what the next iPhone might bring.

source: BGR




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well we just have to wait to see how the ice cream its going to be even do the new iphne 5 will work too.....

6. beatlesfan

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In English?

19. ZayZay

Posts: 571; Member since: Feb 26, 2011

WTF did you just say?


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I'm sorry but I gotta say it. If you can't speak English, I understand. But please don't even try to if you can't make a complete sentence.

70. nimo

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Your own English isn't so hot either, maybe you shouldn't bother too. If you have nothing better to do than shoot down someone, who's probably a 10 year old kid from a non English speaking country then don't waste your time, you jackass.

2. Yeeee

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Verizon has contracts for 2 years but upgrades every 20 months. If they wanted an iphone they got one already or are waiting for the iphone 5

3. darth8ball

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I have verizon and can upgrade my two year plan, every 11 months. Bought my DroidX release day last July and got th ok to upgrade June 3. Just waiting for something worth my time


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like what a htc blackberry or a nokia

8. darth8ball

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Never BB. Like the looks of the Bionic Targa, and would like the GS2 to come to Big Red.

15. justj unregistered

Wow! Really? If there is a shot at Ice Cream, And the SGS2 will probley NEVER get it's release, and if it does, it will stay on Gingerbread, Oh Say, FOREVER, so why are people still acting interested in this OLD piece of garbage?? Yes, I am Bitter, I waited and waited for it, and now am, well bitter and over it!!


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It's the same thing over and over. If you keep waiting for a future proof device, you are going to never get a phone. Same thing with all electronics. A big time device comes out but not even 4-5 months later, it's already got a replacement. The SGS2 is still and will be for a long time the best android/smart phone there is. It's very thin, gorgeous large display, the fastest and smoothest OS experience I've ever seen. A really nice camera on both the back and the front with loads of memory to go with it. Will Ice Cream ever come on the SGS2? Probably not but guess what? I doubt ANY of the phones will get Ice Cream, it's going to be such a huge change I don't think any of the current phones will get ice cream. So stop complaining, its not just SGS2. Hell, there are still a lot of devices that don't even have Gingerbread.

57. Ed unregistered

Are you guys forgetting about custom Roms? I have the POS HTC hero that came with cupcake and I'm running Gingerbread...even if the GS2 doesn't get icecream officially, surely it won't be difficult for modders to port it...the device is more than capable.

77. Steven42 unregistered

Of course Ice Creame will come to the SGSII. Why wouldn't it? Fastest dual core in the market right now and has a gig of RAM. If the Nexus S will a single core and lower ram can get it why not a more advanced phone? Watch phones will worse specs than the SGSII come out with stock Ice Cream.

79. protozeloz

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I beg to fifer, according to the IO the update will go to many phones as possible and with 4.3" phones i don't think they will have problems rolling ICS, the only think I would like is that updates are done faster I think something like asus did releasing updates within weeks from the official announcement and everyone would live happy

5. SuperAndroidEvo

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Whoa now, Google wants to put a hurting on Apple huh! Google means business & they really want to stick it to iOS 5. I like the ballsiness & I will be there to support Google & Android Ice Cream Sandwich. I REALLY WANT A QUAD-CORE ANDROID ICE CREAM SANDWICH TABLET. If one is available then I am so there! Now if HTC can send an Ice Cream Sandwich update to my HTC Evo 3D, then that would be an INSANE move to counter Apple! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate best case scenario! Or imagine if all the top tier Android phones would get updated to Ice Cream Sandwich around the same time as the release of the Apple iPhone 5. Imagine THAT! I know this is all wishful thinking, but hey you never know! lol

28. The_Miz

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Too bad they will crash and burn faster than Obama's term in office. ICS will never be able to outdo the iPhone 5 and that is a fact.

37. iwebdroidberry7

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Miz you are an idiot. I at least had sympathy for you until you brought up Obama. PS. If it wasn't for Republican f**ktards trying to ruin the country thins may just be better.

49. The_Miz

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LOL!!! Are you serious? It's under Obama's leadership that the government almost endured another shutdown. It's under his leadership that the US' credit rating got dropped down. And who do you thank for forcing Americans to get health insurance now?

58. Ed unregistered

guys chill out this is a ****ing phone website. Leave the bulls**t politics on the cnn and foxnews forums please lol. And to the guy regarding do know Android has more market share right? Not that it really matters, it all comes down to preference. I don't quite understand why people become so attached to their respective operating systems and device do realize we're all just dollar signs to them right? Just buy whatever you think is best or suites you haha...

73. SuperAndroidEvo

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The_Miz I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. I vote for the best man or woman, BUT you are 100% correct. Obama is learning on the job & he hasn't been a good president at all. I would have voted for Hilary Clinton. She would have had this country going in a much better direction than Obama. Since she didn't run for President I voted McCain because he was already prepared to be President. Obama is on the job learning & look where we are now! Look how he handled the oil spill in the gulf. He got calls from countries who have dealt with that problem & knew how to solve it, but you know what the President said, no we can handle it. The oil gushed for months, we could have had a remedy days after the spill happened & help our foreign relations at the same time. But no because our President was learning on the job! America's credit rating dropped for the first time EVER! That is unprecedented. Obama WILL always be remembered for that. My kids, kids will talk about that in class! The_Miz thumbs up for you. When you are right, you are right!

76. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

Obama = worst president ever. And he is only getting worse. Carter and Bush are sighing relief somewhere that someone is worse than them.. maybe combined. BTW, how are the "republicans destroying everything". Your realize that democrats have had nearly complete control of congress for like 50 of the last 60 years? I love how people that dont pay attention go along with "blaming republicans", when they are barely ever in power. Do Repubs make dumb moves? heck ya. Do democrats? heck ya. Who has made the most dumb moves because of the time in power? Democrats. Who made all these crazy rules so people could game the system? Democrats. Who penned the housing bill that brought down the market? Dems. Who refused to cut spending down which resulted in our credit drop? Dems.. on and on. BTW, its all one party these days. 90% of dems and republicans think they are on the same team... and thats not the team that plays for the american people.

82. SuperAndroidEvo

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remixfa I think the only reason Obama was elected was because America was down and out. If America was riding high he would have never been elected. I can go on forever, but what I think we need is a savvy business man who can take America out from these depths not seen since the Great Depression. That candidate would need a strong Vice President & a quality cabinet. We need to fix ourselves first, keep defense up & then concentrate on the rest of the world. We are in a huge funk & Obama's policy of spending to get out of debt is clearly not an option. Just look at America's credit rating. People have lived entire life spans & never seen the credit rating drop. Obama is clearly the worst president, he has Carter beat. Carter can now die & say hey at least I wasn't the worst! lol

81. This game we play. unregistered

It doesn't matter which party is in office, the objective of politicians is to beat down the opposite party. It is a constant tug of war. The events that have occurred since Obama has been in office would have happened no matter who was in office. What this generation of Republicans have done better than any generation before them is figure out how to use the media to paint a perfect picture. (Fox News). Anyone discussing politics should know that there are two sides to every story. The Republicans have taken advantage of Obama's starting point and tried everything to keep him down. They even put their own agenda ahead of getting back in office ahead of the American people. Republicans or anyone anti Obama don't care what is happening. In fact, to them the worse the better. The more blame they can place on Obama and the Democrats the more likely they can get back in office. Once they do, guess what? The Democrats will do the exact same thing until they get back in office.

87. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

Ok but we are talking about what has been done when Obama has been in office. That cat & mouse game is part of politics, one ugly aspect of politics I truly hate. To me it’s not about Republicans vs. Democrats, I vote for the best person for the job. Obama was not even the best Democrat at the time. Look I can write a 40 page thesis about all the questionable moves done by the Obama administration. Fact is the credit rating had dropped. Obama has more than doubled the deficit in 2 years. He wants to cut defense. If the terrorist see America is cutting defense there will be another 9/11. We need to protect ourselves. I was there in NYC when it happened I was in that cloud of debris. It was not fun & I would never want any other American to go and experience that. Obama is making the wrong choices, he CLEARLY was not & is not ready for the most demanding job in the world President of the United States of America!

80. protozeloz

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and you doubted this guy is a troll? think again


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

And how is that exactly a fact? You saw a little bit of the new IOS5 sure, but you have no idea what the iphone 5 will be or look like. Not to mention, you have no idea what ICS will be and what kind of devices will run it. Sure maybe the iphone 5 will have dual core but I wouldn't be surprised if there were already quad core phones by then.

53. whatduh unregistered

Hey RoryRevolution ever wonder how come every post in phone arena ultimately ends up being an SGS2 forum? Ohhh....wait a minute.....its because of you and your never ending tirades on the Galaxy s2.... give us some break...... Lot of devices will come out in near future that will make SGS2 a puny....... and they will succumb to the same fate too... so rather than being a glue to sgs2 why dont u just stick to the post's direction...... and by the way i use sgs2 myself but u wont see me being a pain in the ass for others.... take a cue....


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

ok i'll take a "cue" you freaking moron. Why don't you use your actual user name on here if you are going to talk so much crap about me? Are you too chicken s**t to? I mean it's just the internet after all. Stop crying and whining because I think highly of the SGS2. The fact that it bothers you so much clearly makes me think you have mental and anger problems. I would seriously suggest you get treatment.

63. CodeName Infamous unregistered

The Miz you sir are an idiot. U have no idea what future holds for Iphone 5 or ICS. Therefore don't pretend. Second 8 years of Bush, Republicans refusing bipartisan legislation, and the Tea party (aka t bag party); Obama had a huge mess to clean up and considering all the political, social, and economic factors he's done an favorable job.

84. NArmold unregistered

I'm still confused on how a article about a cell-phone turned into a heated Republican/Democrat argument. You guys are pathetic, go hash out on if you want to do that.

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