Monday´s News Bits

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Monday´s News Bits
  • Minifon – a brand new contender for the title of "The smallest handset ever". The device that is as tall as an ordinary lighter is on sale in Russia and its contract-free version is available for just $19. Naturally, the Minifon does not offer all the rage extra features, but might come in pretty handy if you need to, well, just talk. (source: Mobile-Review)

  • Version 1.5 of junaio for the iPhone 3GS has been released. The application offers augmented reality and the function provides information on interesting objects in your vicinity based on the relevant Google services. You can download a trial copy from the App Store. (source: IntoMobile)

  • Official WordPress application for the Android platform is under development? The speculations are based on information about the recent registration of the domain "" and the rumor has it the application might get officially announced at the presentation of the HTC Nexus One tomorrow. (via Android Authority)

  • The Nokia X6 gets presented in a way that is certainly worth seeing. The video below is exceptionally amusing, but there are quite a few true facts as well. Take a look for yourself! (source: AllAboutSymbian)


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1. kilari

Posts: 49; Member since: Oct 28, 2009

Hmmmm, Minifon. That might be fun to have around. In english. Also the X6 looks like an appealing phone, I really wish Nokia would start to work harder at getting subsidized by a US carrier. I understand that Nok owns the patents on a lot of GSM technologies, but please just make a CDMA version of the X6 and X3 and maybe Sprint, Verizon or US Cellular will pick it up and offer it. I would actually consider the X6 if it were on Sprint. To those who will cry like babies that Sprint sucks. I like the price of Sprint, I have pretty good coverage in Seattle. Also if I go out into Idaho into an area I dont get Sprint coverage I just ride on Verizons towers. So I get to pay Sprint prices, with Verizons towers as back up. Sucks for you Verizon people. LOL

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