Monday´s News Bits

This article contains unofficial information.
Monday´s News Bits
  • The Motorola Entice W766 is no longer just a rumor, but a fact. There´s been quite a lot of information and pictures of the device on the Internet and until earlier today, pretty much everything was unofficial. The handset has just appeared on Motorola´s website and we are now sure that the W755 has got a successor. (source: Motorola)

  • Samsung Application Store is now available to owners of the Samsung OMNIA I900... provided they live in the United Kingdom, France or Italy. You will have to download a .CAB file that adds the function to your device if you want to open the store. Well, not to worry if you don´t feel like all the hassle, since there´re not many applications anyway. (чрез EngadgetMobile)

  • Wi-Fi capable Samsung Star S5230 to roll out soon. The number of the versions of the affordable handset with touch-sensitive screen is increasing. One, dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, appeared last week and now we have a Wi-Fi capable version. (source: Samsung Hub)

  • The LG GB270 got itself a face lift so as to cater for all tastes. The extremely affordable, yet stylish handset will feature interchangeable panels that will not only come in different colors (pink or black), but alter the overall design as well. That´s the only interesting thing about the GB270 for now, since no official information on its price and launch date has been released yet. (source:



1. jtm1208

Posts: 37; Member since: Jun 16, 2009

i think you mean the 755 has a successor, not the 775.

2. kawai_guy

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 14, 2009

My Store has had this phone for over 2 weeks now. Looks a lot more fashonable, but seems and overall downgrade from the 755.

3. rathdrum77

Posts: 25; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

Yes, I've been selling it for two weeks now at my store, not as nice looking as the 755s, but it has a 2mp camera and can hold up to a 8gig memory card.

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