Monday´s News Bits

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Monday´s News Bits
  • iPhone application developers gain access to more options. They are now able to specify the exact release date of their software as well as the precise time of any price changes. This is possible with iTunes Connect. (source: AppleInsider)

  • A new edition of WordPress for BlackBerry handsets has been released. It allows for receiving status update notifications, tagging posts with geographical location and brings a dozen other improvements. The application is virtually mandatory for anyone using their BlackBerry device for blogging. (source: WordPress)

  • BlueSky keeps working on integrating GPS functionality into SIM cards. In this way all cell phones would be able to provide navigational services to their owners. Still, the technology needs wide support from carriers in order to take off successfully. (source: PDA-247)

  • A golden version of the Samsung Diva S7070 has been spotted. It seems the only difference to all other iterations of the handset is the particular color and the device is not bringing any novelty features. It´s still anyone´s guess where and when the new color solution is to hit the shelves though. (source: CNET)



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