Case leak highlights key design changes coming to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

Case leak highlights key design changes coming to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro
Accessory makers start making cases months before the announcement of a phone. So even though the Pixel 8 duo is unlikely to be released before October, cases meant for the two phones have apparently surfaced online already. They do a good job of showcasing some of the expected design changes.

With 2021's Pixel 6, Google shook things up massively. That's why no one was really expecting a big design overhaul this year but the company has seemingly made a series of small touches that will improve the experience of using the devices. 

Pixel 8 series may have rounded corners and slimmer bezels

First up, we have the Pixel 8. It's rumored to rock a 6.16 inches screen, which will make it more compact than the 6.3 inches Pixel 7. The phone is also expected to be thinner and narrower than the Pixel 7 and it could have a more rounded design than its predecessor. The camera cutout was also said to be a little bigger compared to the Pixel 7.

The leaked case appears to be in line with previous reports and leaked renders. It appears to be rounded at the corners and the camera slit does seem to be closer to the bottom and top of the horizontal portion meant to accommodate the camera bar. The phone is also likely to have thinner screen bezels.

Next up, we have the Pixel 8 Pro, which is also expected to have more rounded corners and slimmer bezels. The device is also rumored to ditch its curved screen for a display that's comparatively flat. It's rumored to retain the 6.7 inches screen of the Pixel 7 Pro but may have a hair smaller footprint. 

Those changes have been accounted for in the leaked case but perhaps the biggest visual change is a singular cutout for the three camera sensors instead of two. There is also a small oblong cutout for a fourth mystery sensor, which will either be a depth unit or perhaps something similar to Apple's lidar sensor.

The Pixel 8 series will supposedly be outfitted with the Tensor G3 chip which will be manufactured on Samsung's 3nm process. The handsets are rumored to have some new camera features such as staggered HDR support, which may necessitate new sensors, improved Night Sight mode, and Video Unblur. They may also finally get a fingerprint sensor that's not annoying, and this one thing alone could help them become the best phones of 2023.

That's because the Pixel 7 phones are also great, but seemingly minor inconveniences such as an unreliable fingerprint reader undermine the whole experience for a lot of people.

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