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Best high-end Samsung smartphones you can get right now (November 2016)

So, you've decided to jump ship and get yourself a Samsung phone? Given that Samsung is the most popular manufacturer of Android smartphones around, this does not surprise us one bit.

Samsung's top-end phones give a lot of bang for the buck, but what about their mid-range and entry-level lineups? Samsung delivers in these departments as well. After all, there's no denying that high-end phones are the most exciting of the bunch, but not just everyone has the budget or the necessity of such a top-end device when a lower-end one can serve them just fine.

With all the commotion around the Note 7, it's a bit sad to realize that Samsung's high-end lineup has not advanced much over the past few months or so. No biggie -- its top-end devices are still among the best   

Still, let us show what's the crème de la crème of Samsung at the moment!

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Retail price: $749.99 - $799.99

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is lauded by many as the best smartphone on the shelves at this moment. That's largely subjective, of course, but the facts are facts - the latest curvaceous Samsung device impresses on all fronts. Performance is top-notch, the camera is excellent, and all in all, the device will remain one of the best phones you can get until this fall. Oh, and let's not forget that it's water-proof and brings back the beloved by many microSD card support. 

Samsung Galaxy S7

Retail price: $649.99 - $699.99

Although the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge share a load of common aspects, they serve different consumer groups. Then again, why would you even consider the smaller-sized Galaxy S7 when the S7 edge is around and sports beefier specs?

The answer is not that hard - you probably want a more compact device or might not be infatuated with the edge display of the larger phone. Regardless of the reason, the Galaxy S7 is unlikely to disappoint - an excellent all-around experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Price: $696 (Verizon)

In case you're looking for an excellent all-around smartphone with a trove of useful features, look no further than the Galaxy Note 5. The S Pen boasting phablet is a device that is unlikely to disappoint you in almost any regard. 

Despite the lack of microSD card support or IR blaster, the Note 5 is as advanced as it gets, with Samsung's speedy Exynos 7420 chipset powering the show, 4GB of RAM for heavyweight multitasking, and an exceptional camera. We are fairly certain that the Galaxy Note 6 will be another exciting chapter in the Note lineup, but until it arrives, the Note 5 is boss.

Samsung Galaxy S7 active

Retail price: $794.99 (AT&T)

The rugged version of Samsung's latest flagship does not bring a knife to a gunfight; on the contrary, it's rather beefed up, combining a Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4 gigs of RAM, a 12MP rear camera with large aperture, a hefty 4,000mAh battery at the back to keep the lights on for a very long time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Retail price: $699.99 (32GB)  - $779.99 (64GB)

With such a curvaceous design, the Galaxy S6 edge+ stands out among the sea of similarly-looking phablets, there's no denying that. Well, the sloped display of the S6 edge+ is not a new feature, but still it's the largest Samsung device with an edge screen you can lay your grubby paws on at the moment. 

Specs-wise, it's similar to the Note 5: of course, we don't get an S Pen with this one, but the curved display with the somewhat useful 'edge UX' interface is one way to compensate for the lack of stylus.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Retail price: $576 - $584.99

The first Samsung phone that arrived with dual curved glass was the Galaxy S6 edge, and it's still a top-end device that will probably not disappoint. Its hardware is similar to the one inside the regular Galaxy S6, but there's a marginally smaller battery at the rear. 

That said, why should you consider a Galaxy S6 edge when the more advanced Galaxy S7 edge is around? Well, simple: the S6 edge is the smallest phone with an edge display around. That's an important selling point that you should take in mind.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Retail price: $576 (Verizon)

Despite the arrival of the Galaxy S7, the older S6 is still a great phone. It might not be the best of the best, but should be up on your radar if you're considering a Samsung device, even if it is a generation behind at the moment. You still get a glass-metal sandwich design, one of the faster chipsets of 2015, as well as a camera that performs on par with most devices. It's a rather safe purchase as it surely delivers on almost all fronts.

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