Two more Samsung tablets are getting Android 10 updates

We're happy to report that two more tablets join Samsung's ever-growing portfolio of Android 10 tablets: Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019).

1 hour ago by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
T-Mobile starts rolling out Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Android 10 update

Just heads up that T-Mobile is now rolling out Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, more than two months after Verizon pushed out the update.

4 days ago, 1:03 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Here's how to use a mouse on your iPad, and what it's like

Yes, you can use a mouse with your iPad, but should you? It's not the mouse experience we're used to, but it's exciting.

4 days ago, 8:12 AM by Radoslav Minkov,  0 comments
New 10.8-inch iPad and 8.5-inch iPad Mini coming with 20W charger inside box

Apple is developing a new 10.8-inch iPad, which may be the new iPad Air, and an 8.5-inch iPad Mini for release in late 2020 and early 2021 respectively. Both tablets will reportedly ship with a new 20W fast charger.

4 days ago, 7:12 AM by Joshua Swingle,  1 comment
DEAL The first deals have arrived for Amazon's hot new Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 8 Plus tablets

Amazon's 2020-released Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8 Plus, and Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablets are already on sale at significant discounts, as are the slightly older Fire 7 and Fire HD 10 Kids Editions.

4 days ago, 4:35 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
One of the best RPGs of all-time is coming soon to iPad

Belgian developer Larian Studios recently announced at WWDC 2020 that it's bringing the critically-acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin 2 to iPads.

Jun 28, 2020, 1:27 AM,  by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Panasonic launches its most rugged and powerful Android tablet

The latest business tablet introduced by Panasonic, the Toughbook A3 is the … toughest Android slate launched by the company to date.

Jun 26, 2020, 12:21 AM,  by Cosmin Vasile,  2 comments
DEAL One of the best Disney+ deals is back with a bang just in time for Hamilton premiere

You might not be able to just sign up for a free Disney+ 7-day trial anymore, but Chromebook users in the US can once again score three full months of unrestricted access to the streaming platform.

Jun 24, 2020, 8:26 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 owners are in for a nice surprise

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE is now getting the Android 10 update in France.

Jun 23, 2020, 10:37 PM,  by Cosmin Vasile,  4 comments
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e starts getting Android 10

The update improves Dark Mode with darkened wallpapers, widgets and alarms, brings new animation transitions, and also enhances gesture navigation

Jun 23, 2020, 2:45 AM,  by Mariyan Slavov,  4 comments
Apple's next big iPad Pro could still come this year, but it probably won't

The first iPad Pro with a groundbreaking display technology dubbed Mini-LED has reportedly entered trial production ahead of an official release in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021.

Jun 22, 2020, 9:43 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
Apple says 81% of iPhones are running iOS 13

Apple revealed that 81% of all active iPhone users have their handset running on iOS 13. That compares to the 8.2% of Android phones running the last version of that OS two months ago.

Jun 20, 2020, 12:58 AM,  by Alan Friedman,  40 comments
Best Father's Day gift ideas and deals (2020)

Buying the perfect gift for dad isn't always easy, but we're here to help. Here are our suggestions for the best Father's Day gift ideas.

Jun 19, 2020, 9:26 AM,  by Radoslav Minkov,  0 comments
featured The Galaxy Note 20 is the culmination of Samsung's strategic errors

Samsung has a few too many products lined up for announcements in the next couple of months, including an underwhelming Galaxy Note 20, a pointless Z Flip 5G, and two eerily familiar tablets.

Jun 19, 2020, 8:59 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  36 comments
DEAL Expires in - 2m 3w Apple's Back to School deals are unusually early and compelling for select iPad buyers

From now until September 29, students, parents, and faculty can get free second-gen AirPods or deeply discounted AirPods Pro from Apple with iPad Air and iPad Pro purchases.

Jun 16, 2020, 4:19 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
updated First benchmark reveals good but not great Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (and Tab S7) specs

The 5G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ will apparently pack a Snapdragon 865 processor, which is good, and 6GB RAM count, which is arguably not great.

Jun 15, 2020, 3:29 PM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  11 comments
featured updated Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (and Tab S7+) renders show off worthy but not revolutionary iPad Pro rivals

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 doesn't look radically different from last year's Tab S6 in newly leaked renders, with a slightly larger screen, taller body, and thicker profile in tow.

Jun 15, 2020, 3:16 PM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  10 comments
DEAL Deal: Save $130 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The high-end Galaxy Tab S6 now costs as low as $529.99 at Samsung (LTE models not included).

Jun 14, 2020, 5:27 PM,  by Florin Troaca,  0 comments
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus expected to sport 120Hz displays

A well regarded tipster claims both tablets will have a buttery smooth screen.

Jun 12, 2020, 11:24 AM,  by Anam Hamid,  5 comments
Apple will reportedly launch Magic Keyboard for more iPad models

The forthcoming iPad Air seems like a likely candidate for the Magic Keyboard.

Jun 12, 2020, 10:15 AM,  by Anam Hamid,  1 comment
The 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will pack a fittingly large battery

The 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is pretty much confirmed to come powered by a slightly larger battery than last year's 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S6.

Jun 09, 2020, 8:04 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  4 comments
This is what iPadOS needs before the iPad can truly replace a computer

The iPad is already being marketed as a PC replacement, but in order to live up to that promise, it still needs improvements.

Jun 09, 2020, 3:05 AM,  by Radoslav Minkov,  12 comments
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and its 5G support are essentially confirmed

No, it doesn't look like the rumored Galaxy Tab S20 is happening, with Samsung instead working on a Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, the latter of which will offer optional 5G support.

Jun 09, 2020, 2:22 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
Can a foldable phone replace your tablet and smartphone?

I tried replacing both my iPad and smartphone with the Huawei Mate Xs, and here's what I've learned.

Jun 08, 2020, 3:31 AM,  by Radoslav Minkov,  7 comments
Apple Card interest-free installment payments extended to iPad, AirPods purchases and more

Apple is allowing holders of the Apple Card to purchase iPads, AirPods and other devices using an installment plan. Last year, Apple started allowing those with the Apple Card to buy an iPhone with 24 monthly payments.

Jun 07, 2020, 3:24 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  0 comments
Apple reportedly has a way around the lack of function keys on the iPad keyboards

Apple is rumored to be adding keyboard shortcuts to the iPad to make up for the lack of function keys on the Magic Keyboard and the Smart Keyboard. This new feature could be part of iOS 14.

Jun 07, 2020, 12:09 AM,  by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
2021 Apple iPad Air could be equipped with an 11-inch screen, Face ID and a Type-C port

A rumor out of Japan calls for Apple to equip next year's 11-inch iPad Air with a USB-C port making it the first non iPad Pro model not to use the Lightning connector.

Jun 03, 2020, 7:07 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  8 comments
DEAL Еxpired Hurry and get an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet and a case or dock at a crazy low price

For a very limited time, Woot has the 2017-released Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet on sale at just $69.99 and up, with optional cases and docks available starting at an insanely low $1.

Jun 03, 2020, 3:28 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
DEAL Amazon has Samsung's high-end Galaxy Tab S6 on sale at an excellent discount

The newly released mid-range Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and the impending high-end Tab S7 and S7+ are not enough to reduce the appeal of this heavily discounted Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

Jun 02, 2020, 7:02 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  3 comments
Some Apple iPad Pro models suffer from bootloops

Some Apple iPad Pro users have been complaining about a bootloop issue that keeps crashing their tablets every few minutes. The problem seems to have occurred following the update to iPadOS 13.4.1.

May 30, 2020, 3:56 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  5 comments
Cheese! Third-generation Apple iPod touch prototype with rear camera surfaces on Twitter

Exactly one-year ago Apple unveiled the most recent version of the iPod touch, the seventh-generation of the device. Today, photos of a third-generation prototype sporting a rear camera were shared on Twitter.

May 28, 2020, 9:20 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  2 comments
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G is drawing near with a huge battery in tow

The gargantuan 12.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with 5G will get a fittingly massive battery with a capacity of around 10,000mAh, according to a recent certification that also suggests the release is near.

May 26, 2020, 4:59 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  7 comments
DEAL Еxpired Microsoft's sleek and slim Surface Pro X tablet is on sale at up to a $450 discount for a limited time

Microsoft's incredibly versatile, razor-thin, and relatively powerful Surface Pro X tablet with full Windows 10 support is on sale on Amazon at massive discounts reaching as high as 450 bucks.

May 25, 2020, 7:27 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
Face mask wearing iPhone users rejoice! The iOS 13.5 update is here

Apple has released iOS 13.5 today which includes a feature that allows an iPhone to quickly bypass Face ID and open the passcode page when someone is wearing a face mask.

May 20, 2020, 3:07 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  25 comments
How is the budget 2019 iPad holding up in 2020, still worth it?

The budget iPad line may be getting a new, significantly improved addition this year. So what about the 2019 iPad, is it still worth buying? Let's find out.

May 18, 2020, 8:11 AM,  by Radoslav Minkov,  0 comments
DEAL Еxpired It's not too late to get Microsoft's original Surface Go at an irresistible price

Productivity-loving bargain hunters should jump at the opportunity of scoring a factory reconditioned Microsoft Surface Go at a hefty discount with 8 gigs of RAM and a 128GB SSD.

May 17, 2020, 8:45 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
The 2020 iPad will likely be driven by the A12 Bionic

Tipster says the low cost iPad will get upgraded from the A10 to A12.

May 15, 2020, 11:56 AM,  by Anam Hamid,  10 comments
DEAL Amazon has Apple's 10.2-inch iPad on sale at big discounts in multiple variants

At its list price, Apple's 2019-released 10.2-inch iPad is not exactly a must-buy, but these killer new Amazon deals make the tablet essentially more attractive than ever.

May 15, 2020, 10:16 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
DEAL Microsoft's hot new Surface Go 2 tablet is already discounted in an 'Essentials Bundle'

If you're planning on getting the newly released Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet alongside some accessories and "essential" software, you should probably check out this cool deal.

May 14, 2020, 2:05 PM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
featured Apple developing 10.8-inch iPad and 9-inch iPad Mini for release in 2020 & 2021

Apple is developing a 10.8-inch iPad for release in the second half of 2020. It is also preparing a 9-inch iPad Mini for the first half of 2021. Both will incorporate upgraded chipsets.

May 14, 2020, 1:09 PM,  by Joshua Swingle,  1 comment
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