Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ are finally treated to Android 10 on a major US carrier

Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ are finally treated to Android 10 on a major US carrier
Just a few days after we reported Galaxy S9 and S9+ users were likely to have to wait until March to get their first taste of the latest Android flavor, Samsung caught us completely off guard by kicking off the update in multiple major markets, including the US.

It was even more surprising to see the US unlocked variants of the company's early 2018-released flagships promoted to Android 10 before the nation's biggest carriers got the chance to do the same for their specific GS9 and S9 Plus models. 

For some reason, it then took Verizon over two weeks to "optimize" the goodie pack before finally rolling it out over-the-air as we speak, according to several delighted Redditors. These lucky Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners don't seem at all bothered by this delay, which makes sense seeing as how it's not March yet, so they didn't really have to wait that long. For comparison purposes, you might want to remember Big Red was only able to deliver its official Android Pie treats to the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 back in April 2018.

Besides, America's top wireless service provider has managed to beat all its rivals to the Android 10 punch as far as both the S9 and Note 9 are concerned. Curiously enough, Verizon's support webpages make no mention of this major update yet, listing instead a routine security patch enhancement to the February 2020 level as the most recent software revision.

That and the fact there aren't many people confirming the OTA rollout on Reddit or Twitter at the time of this writing suggests the update is making its way to Verizon subscribers unusually slowly for some reason. If nothing goes wrong, however, we expect a wide-scale delivery to begin in a matter of days. Maybe even hours.

On top of the aforementioned February security patches and a few standard Android 10 goodies, owners of Verizon-locked S9 and S9 Plus variants are in for a One UI overhaul focused on clarity and simplicity. The second iteration of Samsung's new proprietary user interface is even smoother and cleaner than the first, featuring improved gesture navigation, all the digital wellness tools needed to stay informed yet focused on what's truly important in life, and of course, an enhanced system-wide Dark Mode.

Your move, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint!

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