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Unlocked Galaxy S9's Android 10 update released early, One UI 2 in tow

Unlocked Galaxy S9's Android 10 update released early, One UI 2 in tow
Dubbed One UI 2.0, Samsung's newest interface started replacing the current first iteration of the One and only before the holidays, which is unprecedented as far as Android version updates and Samsung are concerned, albeit just for the flagship Galaxy Note and S-line owners of carrier models.

Even Samsung's unlocked versions that usually aren't getting much update love, are receiving Android 10 as far back as the Note 9 as we speak. Well, users are reporting that the unlocked Galaxy S9 models are now receving the latest Android 10 with One UI 2.0 goods, too, merely days after the update started hitting European and US carriers.

This is rather unprecedented, and jibes with the overall impression for record fast Android updates this year, compared to the 2018/2019 season and, well, every other season before it. Some brands with nearly stock Android as their interface got the goods almost concurrently with Google's Pixel phones, too.

Android 10 for the Galaxy S9 released for the US unlocked version

As for Samsung, the Android 10 update for its spring 2018 flagship family of Galaxy S9 models is hitting weeks earlier than Android 9 Pie hit the US unlocked models last year. 

The gap between the carrier Galaxy S8 versions update, however, and the unlocked models was almost two months, rather than a few days. 

Just have a look at the update schedule from last year below, and you'll see that Samsung is way ahead in 2020.

Hopefully, this will be a trend from now on, and as soon as carrier models get their updates, they will be rolled out to the unlocked versions, too. 

The Android 10 goodies and One UI 2.0 interface will be brought to your S9 via a 1.8GB package denoted with firmware version G965U1UEU7DTA5, says SamMobile, here's the changelog:

Samsung One UI 2 on the Galaxy S9

Some say that stock Android will always be a year or two behind Samsung's One UI interface overlay, some call it bloated with features that you may or may not use. No matter which camp you fall in, here is no denying that One UI is a very functional coat of point compared to the plain vanilla Android, full of options pouring out of every nook, cranny or submenu.

Samsung revolutionized its navigation and display content with the One UI interface by putting the actionable content situated in the bottom half of the usable screen canvas, with big, fat, juicy icons and switches to tap on, while the glanceable or readable one is at the top where your thumb can't reach anyway.

From less notification or pop-up distractions, a strict separation of the viewable and interaction areas, more high-contrast and hearing aid accessibility features, as well as new apps for Dark mode to reign in, One UI 2 is better than one, and it is arriving on Galaxies as we speak.

Samsung's One UI 2 started to land with Android 10 to its Galaxy S10, Note 10 and lesser phones just a month after Google released the final image to manufacturers so they can start painting their overlays on top of it. This has never been done so fast by Samsung and other phone makers have similarly ambitious release schedules, so it might be that Google has finally mastered the art of timely Android updates to its motley crew of manufacturers.

Prior to Android 10, Samsung had gesture navigation, but they had to be downloaded as a separate app from the Play Store, called One Hand Operation+, and then applied to your Galaxy. With Android 10, however, the standard swipe up/left/right/hold gestures are built in on system level which would results in a much smoother performance. 

Not only that, but together with the Android 10 update for the unlocked Galaxy S9 yesterday, Samsung outed a new version of its Good Lock customization app that sideloads new or experimental features to your Galaxy or Note without waiting for huge version updates. 

Thus, as soon as you get the new Android firmware for the S9, you can head over to the Samsung or Play stores, and get the 2020 edition of Good Lock to start pimping and customizing what is an already pretty and functional Android coat of paint further.

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