HMD confirms October 6 launch event; Nokia G50 5G phone and T20 tablet expected

HMD confirms October 6 launch event; Nokia G50 5G phone and T20 tablet expected
As we continue to inch closer to quite possibly the most exciting Microsoft Surface event in a long time while also waiting for Apple and Samsung to schedule the rest of their fall product announcements, another company has just started teasing an interesting looming addition to its already extensive "family" of smart devices.

We're talking about HMD Global, the Finland-based outfit that handles the marketing and worldwide distribution of today's Nokia-branded Android smartphones. That might not be the highlight of the company's mysterious October 6 event, though, as the large box pictured next to a slew of existing handsets could well contain a tablet.

Namely, the first Nokia tablet after 2014's N1, rumored to be dubbed T20 and expected to carry a very affordable price point. Of course, that means you shouldn't expect much in terms of raw power, display performance, or optics from the 10.4-inch or so Nokia T20, which could nonetheless go up against Amazon's Fire lineup and Apple's "standard" new iPad for the title of best budget tablet this holiday season.

Knowing HMD, we highly doubt this event teased around three weeks in advance will be dedicated entirely to one product, especially a low to mid-end Android slate. With that in mind, the mid-range Nokia G50 5G phone also seems all but guaranteed for an October 6 launch, and there's a decent chance the G300 and X100 handsets are right around the corner as well.

Unfortunately, the latter two names are still shrouded in secrecy, and although said names do suggest higher-end specifications than the likes of the G50 and X20, we can't even dare to dream about Nokia's first post-9 PureView flagship finally materializing anymore.

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