The first Nokia tablet in a long time could be crazy cheap with decent specs in tow

The first Nokia tablet in a long time could be crazy cheap with decent specs in tow
You probably don't remember this now, but Nokia-branded tablets used to be a thing... for around five minutes a number of years ago. All joking aside, 2013's Windows RT-based Lumia 2520 and the early 2015-released Nokia N1 with Android obviously failed to connect with mainstream audiences, never receiving any sort of sequel and presumably contributing to HMD Global's decision to focus entirely on mobile phones for the brand's attempted resurrection.

While it's not clear what may have made the exclusive Nokia licensee reconsider, it sure looks like the first-ever HMD-marketed slate is right around the corner. Naturally, this will run Android on the software side of things, and according to one British retailer that may or may not have obtained reliable inside information, the 10.36-inch tablet will start at around £185.

That's a pretty unusual screen size, mind you, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. The starting price, meanwhile, could translate to less than $200 stateside (if it proves accurate and if the tablet will ever come to the US), which makes it crystal clear what kind of device we're dealing with here.

This is certainly no high-end iPad Pro alternative, although if HMD gets that quality/price ratio right, the Nokia T20 could still make our list of the best tablets available alongside the likes of Amazon's ultra-affordable and crazy popular Fire HD 10.

Just like everything else, that name is hardly etched in stone at the moment, although for what it's worth, a T20 moniker would definitely fit like a glove into a product portfolio currently including C20, G20, X20, and XR20 smartphones among others.

Without an "R" in its name, the Nokia T20 is obviously unlikely to come with a rugged design while apparently packing a decent 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space in its aforementioned sub-$200 entry-level configuration. In contrast, the 2021-released Fire HD 10 only comes with 3 gigs of memory on deck, starting at 32 gigs of local digital hoarding room and going up to 64 if you don't have a problem spending at least $190.

Perhaps the most interesting detail purportedly revealed about the upcoming T20 is the existence of a 4G LTE-enabled variant as well with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space of its own set to cost a little over £200 in the UK. That would equate to a little over $200 in the US, but it's probably wise not to speculate too much just yet. Not until some slightly more reliable sources enter the equation to corroborate this info.

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