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Did HMD Global just confirm the existence of a Nokia 9.3 PureView?

Did HMD Global just confirm the existence of a Nokia 9.3 PureView?
When it comes to most major smartphone vendors, it's pretty easy to anticipate the launch timing of a new flagship. But HMD Global, the small Finnish outfit that obtained exclusive Nokia branding rights at the end of 2016, decided to stand out from the pack in a number of big ways.

One highly unusual thing that the company did was wait until 2019 to unveil its first true Nokia flagship with Android 9.0 and a decidedly unconventional five-camera system in tow. Unfortunately, all that waiting didn't exactly pay off, and the Nokia 9 PureView was universally panned, which extended the unpredictability of the company's high-end release schedule.

Initially expected to see daylight by the end of 2019 to try to quickly erase the Nokia 9 PureView embarrassment, the 9.1 was reportedly pushed back to early 2020, then shelved as a potential 9.2 entered the picture. That didn't materialize either, and since we already have a mid-range Nokia 8.3, the logical expectation now is that we'll see a super-premium 9.3 released sooner or later. Unless that one is also cancelled in favor of an even more impressive Nokia 9.4 or something.

But this time around, it really looks like the official announcement of the next Nokia flagship is drawing near, and we may have gotten confirmation on that front straight from the horse's mouth. While Juho Sarvikas, HMD's Chief Product Officer, stopped short of explicitly corroborating the existence of a Nokia 9.3 PureView, his unexpected reply to a Twitter poll run by an account focused on the brand's Russian presence strongly suggests such a device is indeed in the works.

Sarvikas went so far as to tease two color options of the upcoming high-ender, including the Polar Night hue rocked by the Nokia 8.3 5G and a mysterious lighter shade sending a "bold" message inspired by the copper variant of several previous Nokia smartphones. Again, it's important to emphasize the HMD CPO didn't explicitly confirm anything, pretty clearly hinting at something big and bold coming fairly soon however.

Of course, "soon" is a relative term, as the latest speculation calls for a Nokia 9.3 PureView debut during Q4 2020. Hopefully, the waiting will be worth it this time, and the rumored penta-lens setup will work significantly better than the five-camera system on the early 2019-released Nokia 9 PureView.

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