Motorola confirms 'bigger than big' Razr (2023) cover screen size

Motorola confirms 'bigger than big' Razr (2023) cover screen size
While it's not yet (officially) clear when Motorola plans to unveil its next foldable phone (or two), the Lenovo-owned company is definitely cranking up the social media hype machine ahead of an announcement event rumored to take place on June 1 in Madrid.

Because the latest buzz-building actions have all happened on Weibo, we probably shouldn't rule out the possibility of seeing the Razr 40 Ultra go official in China a little earlier than that with or without a Razr Lite (or Razr 40 Lite) model by its side.

After all, it'd be pretty weird to reveal a key specification like the exact size of the next-gen Razr's secondary display roughly five weeks before fully detailing said device. That's right, we now know precisely how large the cover screen of the Razr (2023), aka Razr+ (2023), aka Razr Pro will be.

In the hyperbolic but not completely inaccurate words of a top Lenovo executive, we're looking at a "bigger than big" panel here seemingly measuring 3.5 inches in diagonal. That's up from "only" 2.7 inches on the outside of the Razr (2022), which was impressively enough to keep the teeny-tiny 1.9-inch cover display of the otherwise excellent Galaxy Z Flip 4 at bay.

Samsung is itself reportedly preparing a big external screen size upgrade for this year's Z Flip 5, mind you, but following a wild 3.8-inch rumor a couple of weeks ago, most reliable leakers and tipsters seem to have settled on a 3.4-inch prediction.

That means that Motorola should be able to stay one (small) step ahead of its direct competition for the title of best foldable phone in 2023, at least in this particular department. Curiously enough, we don't know (for sure, at least) an awful lot about the other specs and features of this upcoming high-end Moto clamshell, whose very name remains hard to guess from all the options listed above.

The Razr Lite, meanwhile, whose official marketing moniker is also not etched in stone, is expected to come with a minuscule cover screen only capable of showing basic notifications, the time of day, and phone numbers for incoming calls.

That's certainly good news for fans of product diversity and affordability, although it might be wise to wait for an official announcement on the Razr (2023) family's pricing structure before jumping to too many conclusions on that latter point.

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