The upcoming Motorola Razr+ (2023) foldable is set to pack a decent battery after all

The upcoming Motorola Razr+ (2023) foldable is set to pack a decent battery after all
Remember that weird and disconcerting rumor from a couple of weeks ago about a Motorola Razr+ (2023) foldable purportedly coming soon with an inexplicably tiny 2,850mAh battery under its hood?

As it turns out, that's almost certainly one of two different cells inside the undoubtedly impending phone, with the other adding 790mAh of juice for a total capacity of 3,640mAh.

These numbers were found in regulatory FCC documents by the folks over at MySmartPrice, so even though they're not technically official or 100 percent guaranteed, they will probably materialize at some point in the relatively near future.

That Razr+ (2023) name is slightly less certain, mind you, with the Federal Communications Commission merely listing this (not so) mysterious product under its XT2321-1, XT2321-3, and XT2321-5 model numbers, as is always the case with such certifications.

The only other details revealed today are the presence of 5G, Wi-Fi 802.11ax, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity, as well as perhaps more notably, 33W charging support. In case you're wondering, the Razr (2022), which Motorola has yet to expand to the US and other major Western markets, comes packing 3,500mAh battery capacity (in total) and 30W charging speeds.

That means the company's next foldable device is set to (barely) earn its Plus moniker, at least from these two particular standpoints. Of course, the biggest upgrade (both literally and figuratively) could come in the external screen department, where the Razr (2022) already has the upper hand on Samsung's hugely popular Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The Razr+ (2023) may well extend that advantage for Motorola, although we don't have any actual figures to put that potential superiority into context. Pretty much everything else is also under wraps, suggesting a formal announcement and commercial release are not as nigh as you expect. But with the FCC regulatory hurdle cleared, we might not have very long to wait for officially official information either.

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