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Motorola's newest mid-range troopers come with 120Hz screens, huge batteries, and crazy low prices

Motorola's newest mid-range troopers come with 120Hz screens, huge batteries, and crazy low prices
In line with a number of recent rumors, detailed reports, and revealing leaks, Motorola is expanding the budget-friendly Moto G smartphone family even further today.

For those still trying to keep score at home, that makes it 100 different G-series models unveiled just this year alone. And it's only April. Okay, maybe the new Moto G60 and G40 Fusion are not literally the 99th and 100th members of their family made official thus far in 2021, but it sure feels like Motorola is fast approaching that number.

Following in the footsteps of the lower-end Moto G10 Power and G30, these reasonably powerful mid-rangers are set to go on sale in India ahead of all other markets, and if history is any indication, they may never make it to US shores. 

That's obviously a pity because, at least at first glance, they look like very good replacements for the Moto G Power (2021) on our list of the best sub-$400 phones out there.

Sleek designs and super-smooth displays on an incredibly tight budget

As we already knew, the Moto G40 Fusion and G60 share a "modern" external appearance that's becoming increasingly common in the mid-end and even entry-level segments of the global mobile industry.

That doesn't make these ultra-affordable bad boys any less eye-catching, what with their centered hole punch, relatively thin screen bezels, "metallic colors", and "stylish yet sturdy unibody designs."


While keeping in mind that "metallic colors" are not the same thing as a device actually made from premium aluminum, you cannot deny the Moto G60 and G40 Fusionlook premium in their official press renders... for two all-plastic handsets fetching no more than the equivalent of around $240.

Specifically, we're talking about recommended price points of 13,999 and 17,999 rupees for the Moto G40 Fusion and G60 respectively in India, which converts to $185 and $238. The almost unbelievable thing about these 6.8-inch phones is their 120Hz display refresh rate support, which amazingly beats the 90Hz technology of the significantly costlier (and faster) Moto G100.

As a matter of fact, we can't think of many 120Hz-capable devices from big brands such as Motorola priced so incredibly low. Naturally, certain compromises were needed in order to achieve these seemingly unrivaled (screen) quality/price ratios, but somehow, the Moto G60 and G40 Fusion have plenty of other great things going for them as well.

Massive battery capacity, blazing fast charging, and loads of megapixels

Okay, blazing fast charging might be a bit of a stretch, but the 20W TurboPower speeds of the G40 Fusion and G60 are on par with the respectable capabilities of the aforementioned Moto G100

Impressively, the two budget-friendly newbies are also on par with the Moto G10 Power in terms of battery size, at a colossal 6,000mAh, eclipsing both the G100 and G Power (2021).

As far as differences between them go, the Moto G60 stands out from its near-identical twin with a 108MP primary rear-facing shooter and single 32MP selfie camera, compared to the main 64MP imaging sensor slapped on the back of the G40 Fusion and its humbler 16MP front-facing snapper.

The Moto G40 Fusion also packs a somewhat modest 4GB RAM count and 64GB internal storage space in its entry-level configuration, while the G60 is set to be made available in a single variant pairing 6 gigs of memory with 128 gigs of local digital hoarding room.

All the other specs and features are indeed identical, including a decent but certainly not extraordinary Snapdragon 732 processor, instantly forgettable secondary 8MP ultra-wide-angle and tertiary 2MP depth rear-facing cameras, conventional rear-mounted fingerprint scanners, and yes, Android 11 pre-installed on the software side of things.

The Moto G60 is scheduled to start selling in the world's second most populous country on April 27, followed by the Moto G40 Fusion on May 1.

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