Unlocked LG G8X ThinQ drops into impulse buy territory with killer new eBay deal

Unlocked LG G8X ThinQ drops into impulse buy territory with killer new eBay deal
It's pretty much etched in stone, ladies and gents - LG's convoluted G family of high-end smartphones is dead and buried, as the financially (and creatively) struggling mobile division of the Korea-based tech giant has decided to move away from "alphanumerical designations" in an attempt to revive and reinvent its flagship lineup.

The cool-sounding (and fancy-looking) LG Velvet 5G will soon come in lieu of a G9 ThinQ that seemed doomed many months ahead of a release that never happened, which means last fall's instantly forgettable G8X ThinQ is set to go down in the history books as the G-series swan song.

Originally priced at an excessive $950, at least in theory, the Snapdragon 855 powerhouse actually went on sale for much less than that in a US unlocked variant around six months ago. But if a $350 discount was still not enough to convince you the LG G8X ThinQ deserved a fair shake, we're quite certain the newest eBay deal will make you change your mind about that.

Check out the deal here

As long as you don't mind "some scratches/blemishes on the screen/sides", you can pay as little as $237.99 for a GSM unlocked unit in refurbished condition in a "limited" quantity. Don't let the name of the vendor running this amazing promo fool you either, as cph2020 is actually an eBay veteran with a solid 99.7 percent positive feedback score based on more than 7,500 customer ratings from the last 12 months alone.

At $237.99, you also shouldn't worry too much about the mediocre reviews of the 6.4-inch handset, which packs a large 4,000mAh battery and a respectable 6 gigs of memory in addition to the aforementioned state-of-the-art Snapdragon 855 SoC. 

You're basically in impulse buy territory here, and even though you're unlikely to be impressed by the dual rear-facing camera system, in-display fingerprint scanner, or Android 9.0 Pie software of the LG G8X ThinQ, the notched OLED screen, robust design, headphone jack, and wireless charging capabilities alone make this bad boy worth a try.

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