Save big on Apple's AirPods Pro with this whole new bunch of great deals

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Save big on Apple's AirPods Pro with this whole new bunch of great deals
While Apple is pretty clearly in no immediate danger of seeing its global TWS (true wireless stereo) industry supremacy threatened, there are more and more great alternatives to the AirPods Pro one can currently consider when shopping for a new pair of noise-cancelling earbuds.

As such, it should come as no surprise that the market-leading high-end true wireless earbuds have been on sale at a cool $50 discount pretty much ever since Samsung's impressive Galaxy Buds Pro were released. Better yet, both Best Buy and Woot shoppers can save even more for a limited time thanks to a bunch of killer new deals.

The former retailer has Geek Squad certified refurbished units available for as little as $169.99 today only, which is a massive 80 bucks less than what a brand-new pair of AirPods Pro typically costs. Like all refurbished products carrying Best Buy's Geek Squad seal of approval, these heavily reduced bad boys are guaranteed to look as good and work as well as all-new units, having cleared a "rigorous multipoint inspection" process designed to "ensure the highest performance and quality standards."

Apple AirPods Pro Geek Squad Certified Refurbished, White

$169 99
$249 99

Apple AirPods Pro Grade A Refurbished, 90 Day Warranty

$179 99
$249 99
Buy at Woot

Apple AirPods Pro New, Open Box, 30 Day Warranty

$183 99
$249 99

Apple AirPods Pro New, 1 Year Warranty

$189 99
$249 99

Backed by a 90-day warranty, the affordable refurbs are naturally restored to their original factory settings while only containing "thoroughly cleaned" parts. Although we wouldn't necessarily recommend it over this truly excellent deal, Woot is holding a slightly less attractive promotion on "grade A refurbished" AirPods Pros that can be a great backup if you miss out on paying just 170 bucks for Apple's best earbuds yet.

The Amazon-owned e-tailer is charging an extra $10 for the next month or so (or until inventory runs out) for what we can safely presume to be AirPods Pro units in similar condition with an identical 90-day warranty included. If you're willing to cough up just four bucks on top of that, Woot will hook you up with "open box" earbuds backed by an inferior 30-day warranty.

Despite that downside, the $183.99 deal might actually be better seeing as how you're basically looking at new, unused, and undamaged AirPods Pros sold with damaged packaging. Last but certainly not least, you can pay $189.99 and receive entirely new units with a full 1-year Apple warranty included from Woot. The choice is ultimately all yours, and if you think about it, there are essentially no bad options when you stand to save anywhere between $60 and $80 on such hugely popular and well-reviewed audio accessories.


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