Best Apple AirPods deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021: what to expect

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Best Apple AirPods deals for Prime Day 2021: what to expect
Prime Day 2021 is now fast approaching, coming in June 21-22. And you better be prepared and know what to expect when the shopping frenzy begins. If you’ve set your eyes on a gorgeous new pair of AirPods, you may want to look for appropriate deals so you can get them at the best price you can. And, what better way to do that than to wait for Amazon Prime Day 2021, where we can see some good Prime Day AirPods deals?

The shopping event will most likely have a plethora of good deals on the regular AirPods, AirPods Pro, and we hope, we will also see the AirPods Max discounted, despite being the newest addition to Apple’s earphones lineup. The great thing is that Prime Day is not limited to discounts on Amazon: other retailers usually slash prices as well, to match the competition. This article will explore what you can expect in terms of AirPods deals and sales this year.

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Prime Day deals are, understandably, available for users who have a Prime membership. Check out the following article if you are wondering if Prime membership is worth it.

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AirPods Max Amazon Prime Day deals: what to expect

Well, the AirPods Max were released only a couple of months ago, back in December, but when June hits, they will be celebrating their six-month anniversary, so to speak. This means it may be reasonable to expect some discounts on them to be present in the Prime Day AirPods deals we will see. However, keep in mind that Apple products, especially hot and premium ones, rarely get too far away from their usual price tag.

Best Buy, Walmart, and Target will also have their shopping events on Prime Day, and that’s a practice the retailers have been following for years now. The shopping events over at Walmart or Best Buy may have a different name, but great deals to compete with Amazon will be present.

Another option for an AirPods Max discount that we might see on Prime Day is refurbished units. If you’re willing to go for a renewed pair of premium over-the-ear headphones by Apple, here’s where we could see a more generous discount. Generally, going that route is a good strategy, given the fact that the renewed products have been made to look and work like brand new.

Prime Day AirPods Pro deals: what to expect

The situation with AirPods Pro Prime Day deals should be the same as what we talked about in the previous section. As a rule of thumb, we know Apple products don’t get the highest discounts ever during this particular shopping event. Last year, the AirPods Pro saw a discount of around $50 at Amazon, so they were graced by a $199 price tag instead of their retail price of $249. A $50 discount is good for a pair of wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and premium features.

A deeper discount may be available for refurbished AirPods Pro. Going for a refurbished unit is an option for those of you who don't mind the wireless earbuds have been used before, but renewed to look and work like new. However, don’t expect more than a $100 discount, maybe something in the likes of $50-$70 on a refurbished unit.

Prime Day AirPods deals

Currently, we have two models of standard AirPods: the one with wireless charging case and the one with regular charging case. As Amazon Prime Day will be happening in June, we most likely won’t have the third-gen AirPods available yet. This means that we will see discounts on these two models of wireless earbuds.

Last year, the first and second-gen AirPods had discounts of around $30-$50 over at Amazon. Some of these discounts were matched by other retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. That’s not a crazy big discount, and similar discounts can be found outside Prime Day as well. However, it is still something, and surprises are still possible (although unlikely).

Some AirPods deals available right now

Well, in case you decide to not wait for Prime Day, there are still some options you may want to look at in terms of discounts on wireless earbuds. As stated earlier, we have an article exploring the best AirPods deals right now that has the most recent deals 2021 on carriers and big retailers. There, you will find the AirPods at the lowest price available right now.

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