Best Prime Day AirPods Deals 2023: recap

Best Prime Day AirPods Deals 2023: recap
Prime Day 2023 is over and gone. This year, the big event took place July 11-12. Prime Day offered many generous deals across different AirPods models at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, allowing you to snatch your new AirPods at a bargain price. Some merchants started with the exciting deals even before the official start of the event. 

We've been covering this shopping event for years (since 2016.) Each year, we find and present to you the best discounts on mobile tech as they appear. Prime Day usually offers awesome Prime Day headphones deals, among which, we've also seen generous Prime Day AirPods deals. On top of it, we've also seen great Prime Day iPhone deals to complete your ecosystem.

AirPods are among the Apple products which get the biggest discounts during the shopping event. Discounts on AirPods for Prime Day typically range around 20%, sometimes even a whopping 43%. This year, however, the biggest discount we could find on a pair of AirPods was 30%. AirPods Pro discounts for Prime Day, as usual, were around 20%.

Now, let's talk about what we got to see in each AirPods category during the Prime Day shopping spree.

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AirPods Pro 2 Prime Day offers

Released in September 2022, the AirPods Pro 2 are currently Apple's latest premium earbuds. Even though this is still considered a new product, we saw some exciting deals for the earbuds on Prime Day. For example, shoppers could buy the pair alongside Apple Care for two years at a $56 cheaper price. 

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We predicted a 20% discount on the AirPods Pro 2, and that's what we got. Across Walmart and Amazon, the earbuds were offered no more than 20% off their usual price. Refurbished AirPods Pro 2 received a humbler 11% discount at Walmart.

AirPods Max Prime Day offers  

Тhe AirPods Max are currently Apple's most advanced–and most expensive–set of headphones. However, those are now a couple of years old, so we expected them to come with a more sizeable discount this Prime Day. 

In the past few years, the AirPods Max deals on Prime Day ranged between $50 and $70. We also saw discounts of $100 off for AirPods Max on Prime Day last year, which is precisely what we got this year as well. The AirPods Max were offered at $100 off their price tag on Amazon this Prime Day. 

We didn't find an offer on the AirPods Max at Walmart, and Best Buy only offered a refurbished version of the headphones. Those could be bought for just $399 on Prime Day.

AirPods 3 Prime Day offers

The AirPods 3 are Apple's entry-level earbud set at the moment, released in 2021. They are usually quite the deal on their own, costing just $179. Of course, Amazon Prime Day's offers on the Apple AirPods improved on that price tag for buyers.

We expected the AirPods 3 to get their smallest price tag yet during this year's Prime Day event. Across merchants, the non-premium earbuds were offered with $19 to $20 off their price tag, with the refurbished version getting a more tempting $41 discount. 

AirPods Pro 1st gen and AirPods 1,2 gen Prime Day deals  

The Prime sale was also a great time to get a slightly older (but still good in 2023) pair of AirPods. We expected deals on the OG AirPods Pro, which now have their successor, as well as on the first and second gen of standard AirPods.

What retailers offered didn't match our expectations exactly, though, as there were no available discounts on the old-gen Apple AirPods Pro. The second-gen Apple earbuds received the biggest discounts, with retailers slashing some 23-30% off their price tag. During Prime Day, the earbuds could be bought for just under $100.

How much can I save on AirPods during Prime Day?

You can save at least $30. This year, we saw discounts ranging from $30 to $100, depending on the AirPods model. As we saw deals across all categories, with both OG models and newer ones seeing steep discounts, we'd say you can expect pretty much the same next year. By then, we'd say the AirPods Pro 2 will also see much more tempting price cuts.

The amount of savings you can get on the AirPods also depends on where you look. As you may know, during Prime Day, other retailers also join in with discounts, including Best Buy and Walmart. Often, we've seen very big discounts on Apple products on these two retailers, especially Walmart. Most of this year's offers came from Amazon and Walmart, as you might have noticed.

Will the latest AirPods models be on sale during Prime Day 2024?

Most likely yes. You may not get the most discount on the latest AirPods in comparison to some slightly older models, but they will for sure be present in the list of great promotions on Amazon during next year's Prime Day. 

The newest model of Apple earbuds is the AirPods Pro 2, which were released in September of 2022. Those earbuds took part in this year's Prime Day AirPods promotions. Slightly older options like the AirPods 3 (which were released in October 2021) were also present in the sales.

Can I find refurbished or pre-owned AirPods on sale during Prime Day?

Yes. Amazon has a great renewal program which backs the refurbished AirPods with a 90-day guarantee. And, as you might suspect, refurbished and pre-owned AirPods retail at lower prices, even if there's no sale going on. But during the Prime Day shopping spree, those are usually a steal. Amazon isn't the only retailer to offer refurbished models, either.

How do Prime Day AirPods discounts compare to Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals?

In fact, the discounts are pretty similar, ranging between 20% to 30-40%, depending on AirPods model. The only notable difference between both sales events was we saw more models discounted across different retailers, including Walmart and Best Buy, during last year's Black Friday.

For Prime Day, we saw plenty of deals on plenty of models, but they weren't completely everywhere like the ones on Black Friday. Last year's Cyber Monday deals were a bit more modest in terms of discounts on AirPods.

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