You can replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7's green battery indicator with a white one

You can replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7's green battery indicator with a white one
Samsung announced a few days ago it will roll out a software update for the Galaxy Note 7, which will replace the white battery indicator with a green one, but the update will only install on the new, safe devices.

The update should already be available in most of the 10 countries where the Galaxy Note 7 was launched before the official recall. It's a measure of safety that's meant to set apart the safe Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from the faulty ones that must be exchanged.

It's highly unlikely that Samsung will release another software update to bring back the white battery indicator on the Galaxy Note 7, so it's safe to say that green will be the color of your battery indicator until you change it.

The decision to push this update to Galaxy Note 7 devices as a safety measure is more than welcomed, but some customers would like the option to switch to the white version of the indicator if not for aesthetic reasons, but for the sake of habitude.

An easy way to switch back to the white battery indicator is to install a third-party application called Status. The application allows you to customize all your icon apps, as well as the status bar.

Also, by default, it adds its own default status bar icons, which are white. The application is free, but it requires a lot of permissions, so it's up to each and everyone to decided whether to use it or not.

No, it's definitely not a big deal that the safe Galaxy Note 7 units now feature a green battery indicator, and we surely don't recommend turning it back to white since that's one way to prove that your phone is not a time ticking bomb.

Since the Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from flights, the green battery indicator may prove authorities that your phone is safe to be powered on while on a plane. On the other hand, you can just use a third-party application and make your phone's battery indicator green even if it's one of the faulty ones.

source: Google Play via Reddit

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