Valentine's Day tech gift guide: here's what to get your significant other


Although celebrating Valentine's Day is possibly the worst possible way to profess your love to your significant other, it won't stop folks from engaging into various activities, mostly including cheesy love songs, flowers, balloons, and love-proclaiming greeting cards. After all, you shouldn't be showing your love only on the 14th of February, but rather every other day of the year. Provided that your feelings are genuine, that is. 

Anyway, we digress. Although many people don't actually care about Valentine's Day, the holiday will be certainly celebrated by a large amount of the populace. For certain, many a gift will change hands and cause lots of smiles. Or not. In order to help you in your gift-selecting endeavors and potentially save you an awkward situation, we decided to round up some notable gifts that you can give your significant other in a few days' time.

Anyways, we know we might be a bit late, but here a couple of gift ideas for late shoppers:

Idea #1: A stylish phone 

Various studies have concluded that due to one reason or another, women are biologically predisposed to spot favor and discern between more shade of red and pink than men. Who are we to get in arguments with science? This Valentine's day, you can earn lots of points with the mistress of your heart by getting her a stylish and elegant smartphone that will complement her looks! Here are a few recommendations:

Any Rose Gold Apple iPhone 

Price: $649 - $849

That's an obvious recommendation. We don't want to generalize, but the iPhone is traditionally quite popular with women. And ever since the iPhone has come in rose gold, the iPhone has been a tad more attractive for the feminine part of humanity. All contemporary iPhones arrive in Rose Gold, so you can choose between the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, or the older iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.As the iP

Gold Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Price: $794

If the woman of your heart has a liking for the Android ecosystem, it's only natural to consider getting her a sleek Galaxy S7 edge in Gold color. It might be pushing the boundaries in terms of price and overall size, but it's one of the more viable options you have ahead of yourself. Oh, and while we are at it, check out our thoughts on the Galaxy S7 edge.

Idea #2: A wearable

Admittedly, wearables are not the most romantic gift ever, but they are intimate enough to possess a certain amount of charisma. After all, your significant other is expected to be wearing this one non-stop every day. Anyway, here are a few notable ideas:

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

Price: $139 - $199

This is multi-functional smart jewelry will easily fit any lifestyle the woman of your dreams might be leading. It can be attached to any piece of clothing or even cling to your regular lady bag, where it will stay securely and track calorie expenditure, keep count of steps taken, track sleeping patterns, and even predict stress. The Leaf Urban smart jewel comes in Silver, Rose Gold, Black silver, and Gray Rose color combinations. 

Misfit Swarovski Activity Crystal Slake Set

Price: $85
Get it here

This is an extremely stylish custom Misfit wearable clad with finely-cut Swarovski crystals and an exterior that exudes femininity. Aside from looking elegant, it would also track steps, distance, calories, and sleep patterns of your significant other. With a user-replaceable battery that lasts up to 4 months, this is an excellent and stylish gift.

Idea #3: A feminine smartwatch

If you are considering getting your girlfriend a fitness tracker, why not step your game up and get her a feminine smartwatch instead? There are multiple manufacturers that offer feminine versions of their timepieces, and most of these look rather sleek - perfect!

Rose Gold Apple Watch Series 2 

Price: $369

The second-gen Apple Watch is as elegant and appealing as it gets, especially in Rose Gold. With a matching band like the Pink Sand one, it's very close to being the perfect gift.

Classic Rose Gold Samsung Gear S2 

Price: $299

This is a slightly less expensive alternative to the Apple Watch Series 2. The rose gold watch goes rather well with the default white band, making this one an appealing option for the feminine crowd. The phone 

If these wearables don't float your boat, feel free to check out some other recommendations.

Idea #1: A manly smartwatch

A smartwatch is a very intimate gadget - you wear it every day and use it to log your daily activities. It doesn't get any personal than that!

Samsung Gear S3 frontier

Price: $299.99

If you to get a really masculine smartwatch, then look no further than the Gear S3 frontier. It's the epitome of a testosterone-heavy macho gadget and will likely raise the self-confidence of your significant other. Make sure to check out our full review of the gadget right here.

Apple Watch Series 2

Price: $369

Paired with a matching Black Woven Nylon or a Black Stainless Steel Milanese loop band, the 42mm Apple Watch is a stunning device. Our review of the device is available for your curious eyes right here. While you're at it, feel free to check our review of the wearable, which is available right here.

Idea #2: A case

Phones are still fragile, and most men are not getting more careful around these. Such a dangerous combination often leads to broken screens, dented frames, and other types of cringeworthy damage. Here are a few case recommendations for some of the more popular devices out there that will keep these safe and sound:

Last, but not least, if you have no idea what accessory you want to get your significant male other, you can always gift him a new phone. A manly one is your best bet. Here are two recommendations.

LG V20

Price: $799.99

Few devices exude as much manliness as the masculine LG V20. It's a relatively large metal device that is sturdier than your average smartphone - it's not water-tight, but it's at least MIL-STD-810G transit drop compliant, which means that it will endure more physical abuse than other devices. There's much more to the V20 than looks alone, so feel free to acquaint yourself with this one better in our review, which is available here.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus (preferably in Black)

Price: $769 - $969

A large iPhone 7 Plus in Black, or even better - Jet Black, is undoubtedly a manly device. Of course, this is by no means a cheap gift, but then again, Valentine's Day is once a year and you really love your man, right? Before you jump ship, however, make sure to check out our review of the iPhone 7 Plus right here.

HTC 10

Price: $599

With its chamfered edges and solid, pleasantly heavy aluminum body, the HTC 10 is definitely a manly device. It's a crude and chunky device that exudes manliness - a matching gift for this year's Valentine's.

Check out some other worthy smartphones right here:

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