Thursday´s News Bits

Thursday´s News Bits
  • In anticipation of the Shine 2 by LG. The rumor has it that the GD710 will be successor to the famous Shine and feature a 2.2-inch QVGA display, 5-megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth and microSD slot. Based on the specs, the handset won´t be a jewel of the modern technology packed with all the rage high-tech features, but the most distingushing feature of all devices of this particular lineup has always been their design... (via: PhoneReport)

  • Opera Mobile for Android? Actually, why not? In a recent interview the CEO of Opera has revealed that one of their teams has been working on a version of the app for the Google-developed operating system. Is it likely that it proves to be superior to the Android´s own browser? (source: PhoneDog)

  • White version of the Samsung Galaxy is on its way to Europe. There´s been some talk that a white version of the first Android-based handset by Samsung is to roll out in Europe really soon. Initially, it will be offered through O2 Germany only, but its market launch in other countries will follow shortly after. The white version is not any different from the black in terms of specifications and we still do not have information on whether or not it will sport special coating that will protect it from stains and fingerprints. (source: the::unwired)

  • Namco has promised Soulcalibur and Tekken for the iPhone. If this comes true indeed, well, one of our dearest wishes will be fulfilled. In an interview for Kotaku, the Namco´s chief of iPhone/iPod game development has revealed the company has been considering releasing the popular arcade titles on AppStore for as much as $5 each. Knowing the iPhone packs enviable graphics procesing power, we think this is great news indeed. (source: 9to5Mac)

  • A brand new groovy commercial featuring the ever groovy Ozzy Osborn. The Prince of Darkness, a monkey and the Samsung Solstice are protagonists in a new commercial focused on the multimedia and social functions of the touch sensitive screen equipped handset. It´s just too bad the Samsung Solstice will be exclusively avaialble through AT&T and hence, won´t be hitting the shelves in Europe. Still, the commercial is really entertaining and deserves your attention. (via: IntoMobile)

FCC OKs Cingular\'s purchase of AT&T Wireless